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I’ve been on a slight blogging hiatus over the weekend due to the fact I had a really stressful and upsetting back end of the week. I didn’t want my emotional ways and bitterness to transfer over to my “safe” place so I just didn’t post. I feel a bit better now it’s a new week and I’ve made a few plans for the next two weeks, meeting up with people always cheers me up. I’m a social butterfly at heart. Luckily for me May is shaping up to be a busy month, i’m hoping it takes mine mind off things.
ANYWAY, moving on as I really don’t want to dwell on negative subjects unless I personally dedicate a post to them. Today, I’m easing my way back into my blogging groove with a couple of tags. I know these aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but tonight is Game of Thrones night followed by last nights Once Upon a Time. We’ve got the microwavable popcorn read & I have some non alcoholic moijito drink I intend to spice up with some rum while my mum finishes off the wine. Ahhh Monday nights.

I was tagged by the lovely Shannon from Raspberry Kiss. And here are the rules..
  • You must state this tag was created by Megan at The Beauty Pier
  • You must tag at least one person to do this, however the more the merrier!
  • Let the person know you’ve tagged them in a comment on their blog.
  • Title this post “Influences of the Internet TAG” (sorry but I didn’t do this one)
  • Enjoy! 
  1. Did other blogs convince you to start up your own?  
    Yes & no. I have been an avid blog reader of particular blogs (French for Cupcake, Strangeness & Charm, A Daisy Chain Dream and Pretty Much Penniless) for years however this time I decided to start to blog for myself. I think the first time around with Seventy Seven Broadway I was following the crowd.
  2. Have you joined a site because someone else in blogsphere did?
    No not really. I joined Bloglovin’ & She Said Beauty after the whole “OMG GOOGLE READER IS CLOSING” but that’s about it. I’m far too lazy to follow the crowd if I’m honest.  
  3. Is there a tip/regime you’ve gotten from the internet that you now use?
    YES! Most things I do with my hair I’ve learned from Alice of Tea & Lead. Her hair tutorials are amazing and so easy!
  4. If your favourite YouTube/Blogger personality likes a product, will that make you buy it?
    No. Well unless their skin is the same as mine.
    I have really sensitive skin so I always end up lusting over products I can’t have. I’d never just buy a product because one of my favourite blogger was using it.
    What do you look for in a blog that makes you want to follow?
    Because I get really daunted if I follow too many blogs, I try to look for something unique in all of them. I’m especially drawn to a good voice, one where I feel as if the writer is speaking to me & that we could possibly be friends. If it’s beauty, I like good clean photos, swatches and an honest review. And fashion I am all for individuality opposed to following the trend.
    Have you ever been deceived by a product that you ordered online? (e.g you thought it would be pink but it was coral)I always do a lot of research for beauty products so this hasn’t happened.. however I ordered a dress from In Love With Fashion and it was so short! I’m only 5’3 and it was almost indecent on even me. I can only wear it with leggings. Boo.
    Have promo pictures and press releases given you the impression that a product will be better than it is?
    Hmm.. I’m still pretty new to the whole beauty blogging thing so I haven’t seen many promo pictures/press releases. I was really disappointed by the Revlon Lip Butters though..
    Is there a product you could give a ‘cult’ status for being so good that you discovered through the internet?
    All Benefit’s latest products such as Fake Up, Fine One One, They’re Real.. they’re daily staples for me.. also Real Techniques brushes.. can I say IN LOVE?!
    Is there a product you have tried and hated, but others have loved?
    YES YES YES Revlon Lip Butters! They just do nothing for me.
    10. Is there a Blogger/YouTuber that influences your fashion style? If so, who?
    No, not really.. however Hayley of Strangeness & Charm is an enabler. I always want to buy any item of clothes she posts about. As is Kirsty of Indigo Buttons, I love her style, so pretty!
    Is there a Blogger/Youtuber that influences your attitude each day/lifestyle?
    I don’t think so.
    How much time do you spend on the internet daily?
    I spend a lot on my phone! But some days I only spend an hour max on my laptop and that’s usually to blog. When I was younger I wasted a lot more time on it but there really isn’t much that keeps my attention these days!

    I tag…
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    Louise of Confetti Letters
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My second tag is one that was newly created by the lovely Bella of How Does It Feel To…. I feel very luck to be one of the first people to have a crack at this! She created this blog tag on the back of last nights #lbloggers chat to remind ourselves why we started blogging in the first place for times when we need some extra motivation. I thought it was a fab idea and expressed this, hence being lucky enough to be one of the first one tagged!

It’s simple if you wish to take part, you just list five reasons/inspirations for starting your blog. Here are mine.

  1. I wanted a place to just be “Amy” rather than “Mummy”. I didn’t want to feel like being a mother was the only thing that defined me. I’d heard people pass comments that I wasn’t the “same old Amy” since having my daughter and even though I know that’s true in many ways, I wanted somewhere that would be solely for me. I only mention my daughter in passing for two reasons, one because of my ex being a total douche but the other is because I don’t want my blog taking over by mummy related things. Here I can simply be Amy and write about everything to do with my life that isn’t to do with motherhood.
  2. I needed a new hobby. I’d moved to a town where I no longer had many friends (okay, I only had one friend) so all my old hobbies of going to the cinema, lunches out or simply spending time with friends was pretty much out the window. When my daughter was in bed I was just so bored! Starting my blog gave me something to do in the evenings after all the housework.
  3. I’d just got out a very messy relationship that destroyed my confidence & many friendships. Not only had I lost some of my identity to being a mum, the rest my ex had taken. I felt lost and to be honest, lonely. The days of msn chats were long over so aside from my mum and my daughter there were days were I weren’t speaking to anyone else! I remembered from my days of blogging passed how great the community was and I wanted to be part of that! Also by putting myself out there on the net, it has slowly built of my self confidence again.
  4. I wanted to connect with like minded people in my area. Pretty much following straight on from the last one, I wanted to meet girls up this end of the country that had things in common with me. As I was (I say was because as of Thursday I’m going back into it) no longer in education I had no idea how to meet new people! I can honestly say this has been the best thing that has come from blogging, for the first time ever I feel popular!
  5. I wanted something to show my daughter when she’s older. I thought it would be nice to have something that when my daughter is older I can show her and we can laugh at the clothes I used to wear or what I used to like when she was a baby. It’s a really lame reason if I’m honest, but I’ve become sort of lame when it comes to baby things haha.
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