#111 The Umbrella Collective, Week Two – £5 Charity Shop Challenge

After the success of our posts last week about Prejudice (you can read mine about being a single mum, here) Rhiannon, Laura, Alice & I decided to make it a weekly feature on our blogs. We also have a fancy banner made by the lovely Alice which you can see about. One day our banner will feature a photo of all four of us under an umbrella, obvs but until then we are using this one. We also have a name for our little collaborative group; The Umbrella Collective. Nice huh? 
We have decided that we’re going to try and do different topics each week, one serious, one challenge etc.. I’m hoping we could have one food.. maybe a list post. Just to mix it up a bit. After we’ve all gone live with our post we all hop onto Whatsapp and decide what we’re doing next week to give us a whole weeks worth of planning. I’m really enjoying it so far and I hope we continue to come up with good topics. This week we have taken on the £5 Charity Shop Challenge!
Right, so as I mentioned before this weeks topic was more of a challenge. We each had to go around the charity shops in our area with a budget of £5 and see what gems we could find. I thought it would be a total cinch, how wrong was I? For starters, when did Charity shops get so expensive?! Seriously! I thought £5 would be LOADS and I could buy a few bits, nope! I came away with one item within the budget, ONE! Secondly, my hometown has recently closed the two BEST charity shops, the ones where I used to always find gems at good prices. I was so upset! 
So yesterday was the day I set aside to do my challenge. I headed into town with Little Miss in her buggy and I made sure I had £5 in change in my purse, which was a challenge in itself as I rarely ever carry cash! I had the choice of four, a British Heart Foundation, Sue Rider, Age UK & Cancer Research.
I started in British Heart Foundation, and I saw a few bits I liked but I just couldn’t believe the prices. For a plain t-shirt they were charging £2.99.. Books seemed to be around the £2 mark, DVDs £4.. I swiftly moved on. Age UK was just awful, everything colour co-ordinated and stuff even my grandmother wouldn’t wear. Cancer Research was also colour co-ordinated (WHAT’S WITH THAT?) and hardly anything in smaller sizes. I found a lovely spotty dress with a peter pan collar in a size 16 and if i’d been handy with a sewing machine I would of probably bought it although it would of been no good for the challenge as it was being sold on for £7.99! It was a Miss Selfridge dress but still! Sue Rider I could barely get the buggy around, the prices were much more reasonable but because I couldn’t get in to properly browse (and the man behind the desk look a bit shifty) I left before giving it a real chance and trailed Little Miss back to the British Heart Foundation. I managed to pick ONE thing for the budget that I would wear and was in my size.. and here it is;
The dress is originally Primark so I did begrudge paying £4.99 for it, but the neon orange (doesn’t show very well here) is awesome and will look great with my Sounds Like Noise lipstick. I haven’t got a photo of me wearing it as I’ve put it in the wash so I can wear it to the #NEBodyShopEvent on Friday (is anyone else going?) I plan on teaming it with my black bondage tights, tan brogues, tan belt and my denim jacket. And just to prove it’s my size (well it’s a size bigger but I will be wearing it with a belt) and the price;
“Fantastic Value” my ass!
Before heading home I did go back to Sue Rider as I’d spotted a few books I wanted to add to Little Miss’ ever growing collection. I’m currently gathering both the Beatrix Potter little books & the Disney’s Magical World of Reading books. I have to admit these are both books I desperately wanted to collect as a child but wasn’t allowed. I had a big book of Beatrix Potter my parents bought me from the museum in the Lake District but I always wanted the little ones, pathetic I know. And as for the Magical World of Reading, I was never allowed them as you had to subscribe.. I was offered the chance to for Little Miss but I’ve found that you can get them really cheap these days from Charity Shops so I’m always on the look out for them! They’re great because they are the story of the movie rather than a random version of it. The Beatrix Potter books were 95p each & the Disney books 59p each. 

Until next week Ladies & Gents!
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