#112 A Wednesday Wishlist – For Little Miss

OH! I’m at the end of the first day in what is set to be two horrible days. I’m trying to focus hard on having a nice evening Friday but it’s really difficult. Today was hospital related and although I don’t want to go into it online, as illness is something I can’t deal with as I can’t rationalise it, it was pretty emotional and traumatic. I feel quite exhausted after my ordeal so I’m spending tonight watching The 10th Kingdom (my original Once Upon a Time) and doing a bit of pampering as my mum is at a meeting. Tomorrow is set to being as equally as horrific and emotionally draining but for different reasons. When will this bad luck end?! Sigh. Roll on 2014.

ANYWAY, I don’t feel like doing a house wishlist today.. I’m no further forward on getting a house which has really disheartened me. I’ve had a really awful week and it’s only been made better by my little ray of sunshine. So i’ve decided when I finally get my pay cheque in the next couple of weeks I’m going to buy her a few little bits and pieces that as she gets older she needs, or she needs because it’s coming into summer. I only really mention Little Miss in passing on here but she really is the most amazing little person I’ve ever met. I know all mothers say that but not only have I been through a lot, but she’s been through it all with me. We grow closer every day and even though sometimes she can be a little Madame, I’d not change her for the world. She’s a little Madame because I was/am a little Madame so we get to be stubborn together.
Anyway, now I’ve got that out of my system, here is the Spring/Summer wishlist for Little Miss.
As you can see, it’s not massive. Unfortunately she’s getting to the point where she realises when she is being given something so even though I want her to have the best, I don’t want her to be constantly getting things.. or at least things she realises. Starting with the Red Converse Low Tops. I have always said that I’d buy her some cons when she starts to walk. She’s been walking for over a month now and could do with a little pair of trainers for when she’s out for a toddle in the garden. I’ve gone for red as a) she doesn’t have any red shoes and red suits her and b) I can keep a hold of them, and if they’re not too battered I can pass them onto any other children I may go on to have boy or girl. For her birthday she got a LOT of money and I said I was keeping it to buy her garden toys, hence the Smart Trike. My nephew has one and it’ll be nice to take the two of them out along the prom on them. Then we have Sofia the First soft doll. My daughter unofficially collects these soft dolls from the Disney Store, she has them in her cot tidy and takes them out to play before bed or in the morning. She calls the her “babas” and often one or all of them sleep in with her. Anyway, Sofia is her favourite tv program atm, she squeals when she hears the music and has a good sing and dance. At the moment this is only available in the US but I might just get her one of eBay. Her hair is getting so long that the baby brush does nothing for it so I’m going to get her a Tangle Teezer. This one is so cute and specifically targeted to little girls and the pot will be good for keeping her hair bits and pieces in. NEXT.. the dreaded potty! My mum works with young children and she says if you introduce them to the potty as a positive thing from a young age they won’t be afraid to start using it. I love this Minnie Mouse potty from Mothercare and it’s not a bad price. Finally.. the cutest Sun Hat ever! Little Miss has even paler skin that me so she needs to be smothered in sun lotion constantly and have a hat on. All her hats from last year are too small so I think i’m going to get her one to match my sun hat, she’s much more inclined to keep things on if I’m wearing the same (true story). 
Hope you have all had a much better Wednesday than I have! Roll on Friday!
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