#114 Weekly Wardrobe – ORANGE and Marc B

After another troublesome week, we have arrived at Friday! I have had a really lovely evening with some North East bloggers at a Body Shop Event hosted by the wonderful Maddie of All The Pretty Things. She did a wonderful job and I’m pretty sure everyone enjoyed the drinks, food and the wonderfully generous 50% off! I made some money on eBay this week so I had that burning a hole in my pocket. I didn’t even spend it all so I treated myself to a burger & coke float at Stateside (a new post coming about that) while I waited for my train.
I’ve only just got home in time to do the promised Weekly Wardrobe, featuring my orange dress from Tuesday’s Charity Shop Challenge. I have to admit I have LOVED wearing this, the colour actually looks great with my sort of orange dip dye. Well I think so, I’ll leave you all to judge for yourself. The weather has been dreadful today, we even had HAIL and SNOW at one point so these were done in my bedroom where the light isn’t great. But I’m pleased for once I don’t look like a troll from under the bridge. 

Orange Dress from British Heart Foundation £4.99
Cardigan from H&M £9.99
Belt from eBay (old)
Iris Bag from Marc B at Topshop £35
Lipstick is MAC Sounds Like Noise
So that’s what I wore today. My bag I only bought last week as my little polka dot satchel was falling apart due to carrying too much in it so I knew I needed to invest in a bigger sturdier bag. I saw this gorgeous bag in the Marc B section on the Topshop website and I even featured it in my entry for the Passion for Fashion competition. I have always lusted after a Marc B bag, it would be my final stop before finally owning a Marc Jacobs bag, so when I saw this one in the sale I had to have it. It is so big and roomy which is important for me as I often carry a lot of Little Miss’ things and it has an across the body strap as well as handles which means it fits over the handles of both my pushchairs. Score. I love the tan colour too. I am the envy of my sister in regards to bags for the first time in my life! I am also thoroughly in love with my Enrapture Totem Styler, so look out for a review of that. Finally I can curl my hair myself.. now just to find a good, non-sticky hairspray! My lipstick is once again Sounds Like Noise, love it. The second picture is slightly bad quality as it was actually quite dull and I had to do a fair bit of editing to get it lighter. I really hope when I get a new house it has better lighting because this house is so rubbish.
I also made a list of all the blog ideas I have and I probably have enough for at least one every day for the next FOUR MONTHS, I kid you not! And that doesn’t include the ones that I just randomly do because something happened. Insane. 
Anyway, the time has come to say good night and I have to decide to watch tonight’s Revolution, more of The 10th Kingdom or continue to read my book. It’s a good un’ the final part to the Chocolat story by Joanne Harris and I’m already hooked. That lady really has a way with words. I’m rambling now, it’s either the tiredness talking or the glass of wine my dear mother left for me in the fridge with a post it note. The cat is also meowing at me for attention. Sometimes it is nice to come back here and call it my home.. but only sometimes.
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