#117 Where Amy Ate – Stateside Diner, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Welcome to the newest feature on Cocktails in Teacups, Where Amy Ate. I have made no secret in the fact I love to eat out. I don’t do it much since leaving the city and if I do it’s usually in my hometown. I try to mention as little about here as possible. But when I’m away for the day or the weekend, one of the best things is being able to eat out. I am known for going to the same places, Nandos, Wetherspoons, Frankie and Bennys but I’ve decided to make this feature work, I’m going to try new places.
As I mentioned on my Weekly Wardrobe post, after The Body Shop event I had some time to kill before my train so I headed to the Stateside Diner. I haven’t been there in years, since I lived in Newcastle but I used to love it. So although it’s not technically a new place to eat, I haven’t been there in so long I can class it as new as I’m sure the chef has changed.

Stateside is an American themed diner, in particular a 1950s diner. It servers all your typical diner food, hot dogs, burgers, shakes and chips (or fries). There is something for everyone. When I used to come I always had a shake and shared some nachos with my ex. It was usually a stop before the cinema. We liked it because it reminded us of our trip to NYC and well we just liked themed restaurants. They also do delicious breakfasts, I totally recommend their pancakes. Very American. 

This time, I was on my own, armed with my book, I took a booth to myself and ordered before having a read. It was quiet, only a few more tables so the food came fast but even if it hadn’t, it was a nice atmosphere anyway.
Coke Float
Stateside Burger with hand cut chips

The coke float took me back to my childhood. We used to get them in a little ice cream bar in my hometown on a Saturday when we met my grandparents with my dad while my mum worked. My dad used to get so annoyed when we bobbed the ice cream around so much that it fizzed over! The burger was delicious.. only complaint was there was way too much lettuce in it! The chips on the other hand were amazing, reminded me of The Handmade Burger Co. especially dipped into sour cream!

I apologise but I cannot for the life of me remember the prices, I have my card receipt which shows that both my drink & burger came to just under £9.. not the cheapest but worth it for sure. Seriously, take me back to the US sometimes soon. I miss the food so much! It’s probably one of the reasons it’s the country aside from my on that i’ve visited most!

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