#97 Happy Easter!

Easter Basket made by my mum
I hope everyone has enjoyed their extra long weekend? I know I have and for me that’s a rarity as I’m sure you are all well aware of how much I hate the weekend! For once there was peace, patience and fun under our extremely over crowded roof. No arguements, geeky chats and a lot of food, just what I was hoping for. For once my dad was on fine form, it was like the dad we grew up with, not the old grump that we have today that works too much and drinks too much because he worries too much and sleeps too little when he’s sober. We chatted about Star Wars, watched Brave & The Lion King with him and he treated us all to lunch on the Saturday. Nice, huh? 
Anyway, tonight is Game of Thrones night so my mum and I are settling down at 8:30 for the special before the episode at 9pm. I agreed to be off the computer by then so we can indulge in wine & chocolate together. There really are some pros to living at home. 
On Good Friday my mum took Little Miss & I to the garden centre for Afternoon Tea. I forgot my camera but we did a little easter rabbit hunt and looked at the pets.. I desperately wanted to bring two gerbils home but my mum said not until I have my own place.. however I know I’d rather get a cat. In the cafe I had a pot of Tea Pigs Popcorn tea which is my fav and a fudge muffin that I shared with Little Miss. My mum had a latte and a peanut butter & banana muffin. We then came home, I cooked spaghetti and meatballs for my parents while my mum watched Ratatouille with Little Miss. 
Saturday my dad treated my mum, sister, nephew, Little Miss & I to lunch in a newly opened cafe the next village over. We had such a lovely time and the food was delicious. I went for the parma ham, sundried tomato, rocket and parmesan sandwich, it was so good and fresh! In the afternoon we went to my grandparents and in the evening my parents went out leaving me the run of the house.
On Easter Sunday the kids were allowed to open their Easter gifts. Little Miss was spoiled as usual with some lovely new clothes, a summer baby sleeping bag, a dvd of Sophia the First and a new doll as well as three Easter eggs! My sister & my nephew spent the day with us. In the afternoon I cooked Easter Dinner. I decided to do a twist on the traditional roast, Lemon & Garlic Roast Chicken, Rosemary Roasts & Mediterranean Veg followed by Upside Down Cheesecake as my dad calls it along with a bottle of cava for having a toast.

Today we went rolling pace eggs along the end of the village beside the beach. Little Miss & my nephew weren’t keen but I blame it on the fact it was grey and very cold! I’m afraid there are no photos of that experience although I took loads, I wish I could share them simply for the look on Little Miss’ face! She’s such a comic. We walked back via my grandparents again. They like to see Little Miss as much as possible as they know I won’t be living here forever. We came home for mum’s left over curry for tea, it was delicious and just what we needed after being out in the cold all day. I do love when my mum is on holiday!
I hope everyone had an as enjoyable weekend as I did! Back to normal tomorrow, time really does fly when you’re enjoying yourself. Here are a few more photos from the weekend for your viewing pleasure.
Little Miss made me all this at Nursery. I admit, I cried as it’s her first make!
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