#122 The Friday Five – 03/05/13

Another week over. It’s been a mixed week, both good and bad. I should of been out tonight celebrating one of my bestie’s birthday however I couldn’t get a babysitter. That makes me a bit sad but I do have a bottle of pre-made cosmo that I plan on having a glass of while watching Revolution. I lead the most rock and roll lifestyle these days. 
This week I have trying so hard to be more positive about things despite circumstances. There have been some great high points that I want to share in this weeks Friday Five
I’m sorry this is a short introduction to my Friday Five, it’s Friday and I have my nails to paint as it’s my Godmother’s 50th birthday party tomorrow. I also want to shut my laptop and relax. I’ve slept on the sofa all week due to having a cough, Little Miss teething so I’m exhausted. 
I don’t have any real plans apart from the party this weekend. I hope the weather is nice so we can have sometime in the garden.

1. Wagamama

I had my first ever Wagamama experience this week. Staff were excellent and so helpful because I took Little Miss. The high chairs are awesome. I ordered the infamous Katsu Curry and it was awesome! Even Little Miss was helping herself. I also had a large peach tea. Great experience and I can’t wait to go back, really want to try the ramen! 
2.  Blogger Friends
The reason I went to Wagamamas is because I went to Newcastle to meet the lovely Alice of Tea & Lead for lunch and a gossip. It was lovely and I came away feeling so much better. I felt so much more positive about everything. She had also brought some goodies from the Birmingham Blogger Meet I was supposed to go to but once again I didn’t have a babysitter. 
I feel so lucky to have made so many lovely friends through blogging. I’m really looking forward to the Lush event and meal next week for a catch up!
3. Real Techniques Duo Fiber Brushes
I’ve started to update my brushes and i’ve chosen to go with Real Techniques. I bought the Starter Set last month and I fell in love. I’d heard about these limited edition ones and I had been awaiting for them to arrive in Britain but I found out in Twitter about iHerb.com. Since I had a little bit of cash I thought i’d order them since with DHL it worked out the same as how much they would of cost when they came into the shops here. Not opened them yet but I just want to say how amazing the delivery was! Bear in mind these came from the US.. I ordered them Thursday morning and they arrived Friday lunch time. HOW GOOD IS THAT?
4. The 10th Kingdom
I think I’ve mentioned this already on my blog in passing, but while I’ve been sleeping on the couch I have been watching The 10th Kingdom. This is my original Once Upon a Time. It was a mini series on Sky 1 first released in 2000. I am a huge sucker for anything Fairy Tale/Disney, especially anything real world cross over related which is what this is. It is set between New York and the 9 Kingdoms which are ruled by famous fairytale characters, Snow White, Cinderella, Red Riding Hood etc. It  was so underrated and therefore never had the sequel it deserved. My sister and I have watched it so often we know all the famous lines. I’m sure it’s on youTube if you fancy a watch.
5. Back to School

I’ve finally started on my five year plan. Get qualifications. I’m taking two evening classes this term. One in ICT and one in Book Keeping. I’m excited that I’m doing something and I plan on making something of myself. It’s a really nice group of us so despite being nervous and anxious it wasn’t too bad. It feels weird to be back in education, although it’s of course different to school or university. 
Have you done anything exciting this week? What are your plans for the bank holiday weekend?
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