#123 Nottingham Bloggers Meet – Kiehl’s Visit, Haul & New BB Cream Review

Welcome to the second post about my Nottingham Bloggers Meet adventure. This happened three weeks ago now, wow how time flies! As part of the meet we were invited to Kiehl’s for a skin care consultation. I was in group three so our appointment wasn’t until mid afternoon. 

Kiehl’s is always a company I’ve been very interested in but also a little intimidated by as I knew very little about it, meaning I was very excited for this part of the meet. I had a browse of the website and quick read of the history before the weekend but I still had no idea what kind of products would be best for my annoying skin.
On arrival we were all given a glass of bucks fizz and offered a cupcake before we were offered our skincare consultation. I volunteered to go first as I was eager to have my consultation then spend the rest of the hour browsing for products.
I was sat in a chair and the girl doing my consultation was lovely (forgive me for not being able to remember her name!) She started off explaining to me about how Kiehl’s products do not contain any harmful chemicals so there for on the whole wouldn’t be bad for my sensitive skin. Then she did the skincare test, one for my head and one for my chin.. these proved what I already knew.. slightly dry and sensitive. However, she did tell me my skin was in good condition, meaning I must be doing something right! Next she recommended some products to me that would be really good for my skin.

In the end I decided to purchase the recommended toner. Toner isn’t something i’ve ever used so after being told it prepares your skin for moisturiser, it was also something I didn’t have as part of my skin care routine. I also asked for a recommendation for under eye lines. I have developed some over the last year since my daughter was born and I was no longer able to sleep for more than three consecutive hours (WHAT I’D DO TO LIE IN BED INDEFINITELY!) I was pointed in the direction the Line Reducing Eye Brightening Concentrate and on impulse (desperation) I went for it. I haven’t used them enough to do a proper review on either of them yet.

Over all, it was such a lovely experience! The staff were great and I am officially a Kiehl’s convert! One of the best parts was the letter I received a few days later! It was so sweet and also contained a sample sachet of Orange Flower & Lychee Body Lotion* and two healthy skin test indicators. The letter was hand written and personalised with the products I purchased which was really lovely.

Here are some photos from the day;

Rhiannon of The Sparkly Panda and Joanna of Minty Essence having their consultations

Not only do I have my two purchases, in my goody bag there was the new Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB cream* and although it’s two shades too dark, I’ve been mixing it with my moisturiser to make it the right shade, I can honestly say, I love it. I want to also say that until trying the Kiehl’s BB cream, I hated them. I’ve tried a few (Garnier, Maybelline, L’Oreal & Smashbox) and I just haven’t got on with them. They’ve made my skin patchy or flake or I’ve just reacted badly to them. I had swore off them until getting this one in my goody bag and seeing other people say how impressed they were, so I thought “what the heck?” 

Firstly, as i’ve mentioned before I received the product in two shades darker than what I usually use. The shade is natural and it also comes in light and fair (if I purchased again I’d go for fair). I simply mix a blob of it with some moisturiser and it lightens it up (thanks for the tip Jessie!) enough for my skin. It goes on nicely, gives great coverage and gives my skin an even tone. It also has a nice smell, which for me is important in any product I’m using on my skin or hair. My favourite thing is the fact I can use it on days I don’t want a full face of make up! I put this on with some powder to take away the shine, a bit of Fake Up* under my eyes (mummy here, perpetually tired!) and I’m done. Great for the nursery run! It is a little pricey at £23.50 but because I’m so impressed and I do often use it instead of foundation, I would probably buy it again. At the moment, the bottle is lasting well but this is probably because I’m mixing it with moisturiser. It’s going to be a firm favourite when summer comes as not only can I vary the shade as my skin tans, but it also contains SPF 50!

This is my face with the BB cream instead of primer & foundation, a little bit of Fake Up, powder, nude eyeliner and mascara. Not the most flattering photo due to lighting and the fact I haven’t bothered with my hair as I’m curling it before going out tonight.

Kiehl’s has really taught me the importance of good skin care. In the past i’ve been all about spending a fortune on good make up, because lets be honest, that’s the fun bit! But now I know it’s vital to have a good base to put the make up on. I have my eye on a few other products by Kiehl’s, in particular the raved about Midnight Recovery Oil, Midnight Recovery Eye and Creme de Corps Light Weight Body Lotion with SPF 30. I just want to use up what oils and lotions I have first! 
Do you have anything by Kiehl’s? And if you have a review of Midnight Recovery Oil please share!
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