#125 Apivita Chamomile Lip Care Review

Short review tonight folks but it’s a product I feel EVERYONE should try. Very purse friendly and in my opinion fantastic, I cannot keep it from you for much longer! 

I received this Apivita lipbalm in my Nottingham BB Meet goody bag but since my first application the very next day I have been so in love, i’ve nearly used the whole lot up already. As i’ve mentioned time and time again over the last eight months (can you believe i’ve been blogging for EIGHT months? No, neither can I) I suffer from dreadfully chapped lips. This is mainly my own doing as when i’m stressed, nervous or simply bored I tend to chew/pick my lips. Disgusting habit I know. But because of this I’m stuck in a cycle of dry lips. I have tried pretty much every product on the market, some work, some don’t but none have everything.. I much prefer the stick kind to the one you apply with your fingers, mainly because I dislike being messy but also because of hygiene reasons. I also like a good smell, decent taste and one that doesn’t leave my lips greasy or leave a greasy/coloured mark on Little Miss when I give her a kiss. And in this lipbalm I’m sharing today.. I have found it ALL!

Apivita was the first natural cosmetics company in Greece. Now due to my parents having a wee bit of an obsession with holiday in Greece, I have developed a fondness for their local products over the years as they seem to favour olive oil, honey and bees wax as a main ingredient. Apivita actually means life of the bee. All their products use natural ingredients. 
The lip balm I received was the Lip Care Chamomile* and it retails in Marks and Spencers for £5 which in comparison to some really good lip balms on the market, isn’t too bad. It’s specially formulated for sensitive skin and children, perfect for me really! It contains some of my favourite ingredients cocoa & shea butter, bees wax and jojoba. Firstly, it smells fantastic, takes me straight back to Skiathos. Secondly, it has a nice taste although I try not to lick my lips. Thirdly.. it has really helped my lips. Between that and my Lush lip scrub once a day, my lips are in such a better condition than even just a week a go! Which of course means I can wear matte lipsticks again and this makes me very happy!
I definitely think that when I’m next in an Marks and Spencers I’ll be picking up this again, and perhaps one of the other kinds to try.. I’m leaning towards the honey or the blackcurrent!
Have you tried anything by Apivita? What are your favourite lip care products?
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