#127 A Wednesday Wishlist – Home Edition Part 3

Happy Hump Day! I’m glad and not so glad it’s Wednesday. My dad is on holiday for a week from Thursday which I’m not so looking forward to but in the same breath I’m looking forward to the weekend. I have a one year old’s birthday party on Saturday and the blogger Lush event on Sunday. Before that I plan on going shopping for the last time.. picking up some bits and pieces for Little Miss and my own summer wardrobes. I say the last time because soon we’ll be in our own place with bills, food, rent to pay so there will be little money for frivolous spending. Of course I get the joy of filling this house with my stuff, I do like housey shopping! 
Which brings me onto this weeks Wednesday Wishlist. It’s the third part of my future house wishlist series, this time we’re moving onto the kitchen. I’m odd in that the kitchen is probably my favourite room in the house. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, cooking and baking so I like it to be a pleasure to the eye. I once rented a flat in Newcastle with the most BEAUTIFUL kitchen ever, the whole flat was beautiful in fact. I also will have a dining table somewhere in my house as I feel meal times are an important family time however depending on whether or not I get a new build or an old build will determine whether the table is in the kitchen or the lounge. So that’s why it hasn’t been included. 
Anyway, here are a few bits I have my eye on for when it comes to the kitchen.
1. Cutlery Clock, £12.75, Amazon // 2. Teal Washing Up Dish, £1.95, Wilkos // 3. Double Draining Rack, £22, Next
4. Vintage Looking Scales, £15.27, Amazon // 5. Teal Box Grater, £3.99, Dunelm Mill // 6. Gadgets & Stand, £12.99, Dunelm Mill // 7. Owl Tea Towel, £6.95, Amazon // 8. Owl Oven Mitts, £12.15, Amazon
9. Teal Utensils, Various Prices, Dunelm Mill // 10. Russel Hobbs Kettle & Toaster Set, £39.98, Amazon // 11. Beech Utensils Holder, £6.99, Amazon
Anyone who has seen my other two wishlists will know I go for certain colour schemes in each room. I really like rooms to be co-ordinated and things to match. It drives my dad mad but I can’t help it! For my kitchen I’m hell bent on teal, silver, black and wood. I already have a wooden bread bin that would match the utensils holder. I love all the teal utensils that you can buy in Dunelm Mill, even a cheese grater! And I used to have this exact washing up bowl that I have carted through three houses so far but now it’s gone.. I’d like to replace it for my new house. They didn’t have the Dunelm Mill gadget set in teal so i’ve gone with black since I can’t find vintage feel scales in teal so I also found them in black. Owls, on the linen obvs! I also have owl mugs that were bought for my old place by Bee, but I took them with me. This cutlery clock has been on my Amazon wishlist since FOREVER, I think probably since my last home but once we moved there was no where to hang it so I never bought if. Fingers crossed I get a place so I can hang it because it’s so awesome and such a good price! Finally silver.. it’s so easy to pick up a mug tree and kitchen roll holder in silver.. I also found this awesome two teared drainer which is great for me as I always let my dishes pile up.. oops. It’s my dream to one day own a dishwasher (the machine not the a person!) Finally, I’d love decent matching kettle and toaster. I’ve ALWAYS had the cheap plastic ones that last less than a year.. I feel it’s time to invest!
As you can see, none of this stuff here is the really big important stuff. I do need a washing machine and oven, baking trays, pans, microwave etc.. but in all honesty, who would of liked to see a wish list filled with those sort of bits? I do need a lot of things, but i’m lucky my sister has been able to donate a fridge/freezer and a bin to me. I made a list the other day of everything I needed, and there are so many kitchen bits I use on a daily basis such as a cheese grater, can opener etc that you don’t ever think of first hand! Oh well, I have money saved and my wonderful family have all offered to pitch in. The only problem is, I’ve done the living cheaply before when I was in my first house and as a student, I really want the nicer things now, things I can keep for a long time. But we’ll see, we’ll see. 
My mum has announced she plans on buying me one thing with the shopping every week until I move out. So sweet. Today she bought me a lovely cutlery set with extra tea spoons. I’m so pleased it’s not the cheap stuff i’ve had in the past as i’ve found they discolour or bend. This is a nice set! Next week I’m going for crockery! Exciting! I also ordered from Argos the tea, coffee, sugar canisters that match my bread bin. I’m all for matchy matchy!

Can anyone suggest any good stores that sell housey things? I’m loving Dunelm Mill & Wilkos at the moment!
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