#128 Weekly Wardrobe – All The Colours of the Rainbow

So my Weekly Wardrobe posts have now become whatever i’m wearing on Friday posts due to feeling pretty unphotogenic lately. I want to blame the light and the fact I am rubbish at taking selfies.. but in all honesty, I just don’t think I photograph well! I’m hoping when I get into my new house (whenever that is) I’ll have better places to do outfit posts because I do enjoy keeping track of what I’ve been wearing! 
As you are aware, last week I took part in the Blog Sale Extravaganza with some other bloggers (and if you don’t know, go check it out, loads left!) I wasn’t just wanting to sell, I was wanting to buy some new bits for the summer as everything I owned from last year was too big. I managed to find two beautiful dresses that were my size being sold by Erica. They arrived yesterday and I wore one today. I’m saving the other to wear on Sunday to the North East Lush Event. So nice to wear little cardigans and pretty dresses again.

Again, I apologise for the photos. I cannot seem to find a decent setting for indoor shots.. but you know, practice makes perfect!

Multicoloured Dress from Erica’s Blog Sale (Originally Forever 21)
Purple Cardigan from H&M
Black Leggings from H&M
Princess Disney Couture Necklace
Lipstick is Rimmel Apocalips in Stella

The weather has been pretty nice today after a very hit & miss week. Mild, sunny with a light breeze. Today my sister and I took Little Miss out for lunch. My nephew was at nursery so it was just us girls. We decided to give a restaurant out of town a try, one that we’ve heard great reviews about The Barn at Beal. The food was delicious. I wish I’d taken my camera for proper photos so I could of added it to Where Amy Ate but we’re hopefully going to convince my dad to go back with us all next week when he’s on holiday. He doesn’t really like going to far out of town though. It has a nice park and a barn full of birds, so fingers crossed we can convince him! It also sells alcohol which is always a winner with him, ha! 
On an additional note, since I have upped my skin care routine to include some more high end products, it’s really improved! I have one tiny blemish beside my eyebrow and the rest is looking good. I’m not even wearing foundation, this is all the work of my Kiehls BB cream! The only thing I could do with now is something to eliminate the scars I have from previous deep routed blemishes. However, looking at this photo I really need to invest in something to fill in my eyebrows..
Anyway, I’ll leave you with a few photos of what we had to eat, have a nice weekend!
Soup & Breaded Feta for Erin, BLT for me & Children’s Platter for Little Miss (who ate more than half of it!)
My sister is going to love me for putting this photo on!
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