#129 Where Amy Ate – Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Metro Centre

As most of you know, tonight is Game of Thrones night so I just don’t have time to do my lovely big ass post about yesterdays North East Lush Event (which was fantastic by the way, so stay tuned!) So instead I bring you two smaller posts. One is the second part in my Where Amy Ate (this one) and the other is a book I started yesterday and finished today. Neither require a lot of editing photos which for me is the most time consuming part of putting a post together. 
Before the North East Lush Event, a few of us bloggers decided to meet before hand and go for a meal. For ease we headed to Gourmet Burger Kitchen as it requires you to all order and pay separately which takes the pressure off of trying to split the bill. I didn’t know all the bloggers who were going, just Amy, Amy-Lauren, Shannon and Libby so it was really nice to meet some new people (one of my aims when I started this blog). 
Firstly, I have never been here. I have been to Handmade Burger Company and I do like it, I like being able to have a wide selection of burgers, because I do love a burger (as you can tell since my last Where Amy Ate included a burger haha). We were greeted and seated promptly on a large table big enough for ten, it wasn’t busy so even though we didn’t have a reservation there was plenty of room for us.
After browsing the menu at GBK I decided to try a chicken burger. I went with the small classic chicken in panko crumbs with a small skinny fries and one of the most delicious soft drinks I’ve ever had, a fresh & fizzy drink with citrus and mint. So so good!
Despite the fact there were 10 of us, the food didn’t take long to arrive. There were a few mix ups though which was a bit disappointing, however having worked in the trade for a while I know it does sometimes happen with large parties that don’t have preorders and have ordered separately. The food arrived hot & I can honestly say the burger itself was delicious. I was worried about the breadcrumbs being drying but they weren’t. The chips were a bit meh, neither here nor there. HOWEVER I’m sure if there had been rosemary available that would of given them more of an edge. 
Over all, I would visit again. I think it was reasonably priced for a burger place (slightly cheaper than HBK, I believe). My bill came less than £10 for the burger, fries and drink. They also give you free monkey nuts and glasses so you don’t have to chuck the shells on the floor, how hygenic!*
*One of my dads favourite places in Orlando was a restaurant called Logans where you could throw your nut shells on the floor. Weird and uncomfortable once you get some in your shoe!
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