#131 The Umbrella Collective, Week Five – My Favourite Thing In My Wardrobe

This week the Umbrella Collective is heading back into the realms of lightheartedness. I’m not sure particularly which one of us came up with the topic but we wanted something nice and simple after last weeks heartfelt letters to our 16 year old selves. I’ve teamed up with Rhiannon, Laura and Alice, this being our fifth week together. 
This week we are each introducing you to our favourite piece that we have in our wardrobe, clothes or accessory. I’ve gone with clothes, and I think it’s the oldest piece I own. I bought it with some of my student loan at the start of second, so we’re looking at coming up six years this September. I rarely ever hold onto a piece of clothes that long, usually it either falls apart or I get bored of it so I donate it, sell it or trade it. However, this item is special. This item has been all on four moves, all over the country and even to New York! It’s my blue mac.

I apologise for the bad photos but Little Miss is asleep in my room so I had to briefly borrow my parents room!
My beautiful blue mac was purchased when I was going through my “dress as much like Blair Waldorf as possible” phase. It still occassionally rears it head, Blair is one of my all time icons and probably always will be. Although I’ve grown out the hairbands with bows on and no longer bother with the stockings and suspenders (what’s the point now i’m a single mum with way too much baggage?), I still religiously only wear dresses or skirts and every Spring I bring out my now, very worn, blue mac. 
It cost a mere £12 from Primark. It came in four colours, black, beige, green and blue. Originally it had a buckle on the belt but during one of my exs drunken rages it ended up broken along with one of the buttons on my cuff. It wasn’t technically made for that sort of durability, because of this, I’m so surprised I still have it all these years later. It’s a bit big on me nowadays but at least that’s good for wearing layers underneath. 

I’ve customised it with a bunch of badges. I love them but wearing them make me feel like a child. I have my Minnie Mouse (obvs), my Mockingjay pin, my silver unicorn (second favourite animal after the owl), my four leaf clover my sister brought back from Ireland and my cancer research badge in honour of my grandmother. I also have my Hogwarts crest that I bought in Hamleys last summer, I like to show off my school pride.. ha. And for anyone who was wondering, I’m a Ravenclaw.

All dreadful photos (Sorry BEE!) Blue coat at Lands End July 2012 & in London July 2010
I really don’t know what I’m going to do when it finally falls apart.. I can’t seem to find a suitable one anywhere. At least once a week I search eBay in case someone is selling one, I’d even take it in the green. It’s the best jacket I’ve ever owned.. So flattering with it’s full skirt and I love the colour.
What’s your favourite item of clothing or accessory?
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