#132 North East Lush Event

As I’ve mentioned time and time again, Lush is one of my favourite brands for when it comes to bath products. I bought my first ever bath ballistic when I was 17, so for any of you interested, that is now 8 years ago! It was the infamous Fairy Jasmine (if you’re a fan of Ross Noble, you’ll know exactly why I’ve called in infamous!) Ever since, I’ve been hooked on their bath products and I always have a decent size supply stashed away. ANYWAY.. as soon as I heard there was going to be an event held at the Metro Centre branch of Lush, organised by Danny of Adventures After Hours, I had to make sure I got a place. Any excuse to go to Lush. 
It was held on this past Sunday (12th May) so I headed a long for a bit of Amy time opposed to Little Miss time which is of course every other hour of my life. After shopping followed by dinner at Gourmet Burger Kitchen with some other blogger ladies, we headed to Lush for 5:30. The store was closed so us bloggers had the place  to ourselves. We were greeted by Danny who was an absolutely awesome host, along with his team they couldn’t do enough for us! First we had a talk and introduction to Lush as a brand. It was so interesting to learn more in depth about the brand and what some of the terms such as Fair Trade really meant to Lush. We also learn that the ballistic was in fact invented by the Lush team, who knew? I have to admit I learnt a lot, most of which made me want to both work for and shop at Lush! 
Anyone else think the displays at Lush are awesome?!
Next we split off into two groups as we were getting to try our hand at making some of their best products, a cleanser called Angels on Bare Skin and one of my all time favourite bath ballistics Space Girl. The product I got to make first was Angels on Bare Skin, the most popular cleanser that is suitable for all skin types. Yay for me and my sensitive skin!
Danny telling us a wee bit about Angels on Bare Skin
The ingredients
Mixing it together.
Bloggers getting their hands dirty.
Angels on Bare Skin* (RRP £6.25) product back at home, full size baby!
Space Girl in ACTION! Smells amazing and has popping candy in it!

The making demonstration.
Bloggers having a go!
My part made ballistic.
Space Girl Ballistic* (RRP £2.10) out the mold at home.
As you can see, it was a lot of fun making both of them. I sadly couldn’t get my hands dirty due to having skin that’s irritated by latex gloves but it means I got to take some great photos of everyone else getting involved. In between making the two we had a break for some delicious refreshments! Lemonade, cake pops and cupcakes. Despite being bloggers and you’d think we always look our best, every single of one of us stuck in and I don’t think there was anything left!
At the end of the evening, we were offered the chance to shop with 10% off. I treated myself to a body butter called Buffy after hearing great things about it and two bath ballistics, Blackberry and Fizzbanger as I was running low. I will be reviewing Buffy after i’ve given it a fair go. Before leaving we were all given a goody bag! It contained some samples for hair & skin care, most i’ve never tried yet so I’m pretty excited to get stuck in.
Knot & Badge* (RRP £3.95)
Catastrophe Cosmic Fresh Face Mask* sample (RRP £5.95)
Skin’s Shangri La Moisturiser* sample (RRP £27.50)
Roots* sample (RRP £9.95)
R and B* sample (RRP £10.95)
Big* sample (RRP £11.25)
Blousey* sample (RRP £18 )
Tea Tree Toner Tab* full size (RRP £1)
Whip Stick Lipbalm* full size (RRP £5.50)
It was such a relaxing and fun evening. Great to catch up with some bloggers i’d happily call friends now (not sure if they feel the same way about me though, ha!) And of course, thank you so much to Danny and his team for having me! You all definitely made Lush look like the best place to work for EVER as well as selling the companies ethics so well!
And now, in case you haven’t seen Ross Noble talk about Fairy Jasmine yet, I’ve found the video on youTube for you. Absolutely hilarious, well worth a watch.
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