#133 Weekly Wardrobe – Welly Boots in MAY?

Friday again already? This month is flying by. I’m sort of glad to be perfectly honest. I’m now living for the summer and having some people to spend time with. Going to the Lush Event on Sunday really made me realise how much I missed company of friends on a day to day business. The days my mum works all day I see no one but Little Miss. And while she is fantastic company these days and pure entertainment, she’s still not at the point where I can make conversation with her. I’m looking forward to my mum’s summer holiday and other friends who work in the schooling sector. Also because of the fact my mum will be more flexible so I could have maybe one day a week where I spend time with people my age. 
Anyway, not the point of this post. This week I’ve managed THREE outfits for you. Although the weather has been pretty dyer, I have sort of made some space in my room to take photos, and while they’re not amazing, they do show off what I’ve been wearing. I can’t believe I’ve been wearing a onesie and sleeping with my blanket on my bed again, in the middle of May.. go home weather, you’re drunk! I’m so upset all my winter stuff is now in the loft because I’m freezing. Was sitting in the lounge in my coat this afternoon as my dad refuses to allow us to have the heating on during the day. Little Miss is a warm blooded soul and is always toasty although I’ve even put her back into her sleeping bag to sleep. Where has our Spring sun gone?! 
I also tried to fill in my eyebrows for the first time this week.. that was a disaster so there are no photos on here.. Sorry.

But here are a few outfits I’ve been sporting over the last week. Again, I’m sorry I don’t have the posing or photography off to a fine art.. it’s all about the clothes though, right?

Dress Urban Outfitters via eBay
Cardigan H&M £7.99, current stock
Belt Primark (ancient)
Tights Tesco
Owl Bracelet River Island £3, current stock
Dream Dictionary Bracelet Miss Geekay*
Hair Bobble, models own.
I wore this outfit to go to my second cousin’s son’s birthday party on Saturday. Probably wasn’t the most impractical choice as I spent the whole time running around after Little Miss and my nephew. The dress is my Alice in Wonderland one that I featured in my Murder in Wonderland post and I’ve also blogged about the wonderful Miss Geekay Jewellery which you can find here.

Cardigan H&M (similar here)
Checked Sleeveless Shirt Primark £10, current stock
Leggings H&M (similar here)
Wellies Melissa at Office
Fate Dictionary Necklace Miss Geekay Jewellery*
Lipstick Inferno by Smooch*
I wore this on Wednesday to go grocery shopping and do the nursery runs. As I’ve mentioned, all my winter clothes are packed away in the attic so I had to make the best of what I had. It was torrential rain so I dug my wellies out again and all my tights are packed away so I had to make do with leggings. This is the closest to ever seeing me in trousers. As you can tell by my hair and lacklust make up, I’d already been soaked once before taking this photo!
Floral Tea Dress from Erica’s Blog Sale (Originally Modcloth)
Burgundy Cardigan Zara (ancient)
Black Tights Tesco
Gold Envelope Necklace from This Charming Girl
This is what I’m wearing today. This is the other dress I bought from Erica’s Blog Sale, I love it. It’s so cute and perfect for the Spring. Sadly the weather has been hit and miss again today so I teamed it with a thick cardigan and black tights. My hair is au natural and I look pretty chubby in the face but c’est la vie!

Today has been one of the best days this year so far. I had some great news health wise so I’ve been very YOLO (how I hate that term!) today. Everything has started to turn, I really hope the rainbow I saw last Sunday is a sign of better things to come! I’m now shopping to celebrate! Have a nice Friday x
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