#136 Hair Week Day 1 – Macadamia Natural Oil Haircare Review

Second post today, you’ll find there is a few days this week where there will be two posts. I really hope you don’t all want to kill me after this week but I just want to fit everything in! Seven days is not enough! I’ll get on with it and make it quick, promise! 
My first hair product (or products as in this case) review of the week is of Macadamia Natural Oil Haircare. I’m sure by now most beauty bloggers if not all bloggers will have heard of Macadamia. I’ve been desperate to try some of their products for a while now so I’m sure you can imagine how pleased I was to find samples in both my Nottingham & Birmingham goody bags. The reason for my sudden interest in hair oils is because this year i’ve combined my monthly dyes with bleeching the ends of my hair. Suddenly my hair wasn’t in as good of condition as it used to be. I was hoping Macadamia would have the answer.
Macadamia boasts; 
an exclusive blend of natural ingredients that has been created to provide a range of superior hair care products.  The results speak volumes; Macadamia Natural Oil leaves you with hair that feels so wonderful it could only come from nature.” (taken from their website)
Sounds good, right? 
The two products I received were a sachet of Deep Repair Masque* and the Healing Oil Treatment* both of these are award winning. After doing a bit of research, I discovered that these products were exactly what my hair needed.
Starting with the Deep Repair Masque. The product claims to;
..rejuvenate and rebuild the hair, leaving it deeply nourished for improved elasticity and shine with long-lasting conditioning benefits.” (again, taken from their website)
Although this product is suitable for all hair types, it claims to be beneficial to dry and damaged hair. Since this is exactly what I was afraid of happening to the ends of my hair, I mainly used the sachet on the areas that i’d lightened. I used this after shampoo and conditioner as a bit of hair luxury once a week (I had two sachets). It does suggest not to over use the product. I left it on for 10 minutes while wearing a face mask, indulging in face and hair TLC. Firstly, I’ll say it smells awesome and the smell lingered on my hair until I added my pre-blow drying products. Secondly, I’d say this is the best hair masque I’ve tried so far. Although I love the smell of the Herbal Essences split end mask, it doesn’t feel like it’s doing anything, and well the Tresemme one I tried isn’t even worth mentioning. The Macadamia Deep Repair Masque I can actually feel how soft my ends are, and the bleached bits are equally as shiny as the rest of my hair.
The Deep Repair Masque comes in three different sizes 500ml for £36.75, 250ml for £23.95 & 100ml £12.50. You can buy it from the Macadamia Website.
Next, the Healing Oil Treatment. The product I had been really dying to try having heard so much about it. Not only does it claim to make your hair tangle free, manageable and shiny.. but it also includes natural UV protection that extends the life of colour treatments. For someone who religiously dyes her hair as she doesn’t want to be her natural hair colour, this is what I wanted this product for. When my hair starts to fade it goes quite gingery red due to the natural hues in my hair (according to my ex hairdresser mother) which sometimes frustrates me. I have been using this oil on the days I don’t blow dry my hair as it also boasts a reduction in drying time by 40% – 50% which is great when I have a bath before bed. I rub it into the ends of my hair after towel drying then comb through. It’s really lightweight and not at all greasy. I have to admit I didn’t notice a difference in how fast my hair dried but what I did notice is that on the days I used this oil my hair wasn’t half as knotty when I got up in the morning which is definitely a plus in my books. 
The Healing Oil Treatment also comes in three different sizes 300ml for £60, 125ml for £29.25 & 30ml for £12.95. You can buy it from the Macadamia Website here.
Over all, I think I would definitely invest in the Deep Repair Masque as I think it has done wonders for my type of hair. Even though the Healing Oil is good, I don’t think I could justify the price on my income.There are other products by Macadamia I still want to try including the new hairspray and the leave in conditioner.
What do you think of Macadamia as a brand? Have you tried any different products from their range?
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