#137 The Umbrella Collective, Week Six – Upcycle Upcycle

Welcome to my weekly collaboration with Laura of What Laura Did, Rhiannon of The Sparkly Panda and Alice of The Cup and Saucer. This week The Umbrella Collective are trying their hand at upcycling. The topic was suggested by our crafty Rhiannon and to be honest, I was dreading it. I am not crafty in the slightest, I’m creative at best but this is applied to cooking, baking and writing mainly. I also knew I was doing Hair Week this week so wanted something to fit in with that. Another confession in regards to this topic is the fact I didn’t even know what upcycling meant! Rhiannon explained that it meant taking something I owned but no longer used and turning it into something I would use. After hearing this explanation I knew exactly what I was going to do; I was going to upcycle a plain hairband in a floral work of art (ha).

So, supposedly we’re coming into summer and these floral headbands and crowns are all the same. Some are pure tack and others look really gorgeous (I’m talking about the Crown & Glory and the Betty & Rose ones) but I just can’t afford to buy them in every colour. This lead me to wondering if I could make my own. It would never be as good as the ones I could buy from the cute online boutiques but at least this way I could afford to have one in every colour under the sun.

After searching google I found some craft flowers on wires at a relatively good price and a piece of ribbon from Craft Creations. Great prices but the postage was a bit of a killer, however it still worked out cheaper than buying a made flower hairband and this way mine would be much more unique (the way I like it!). As usual I didn’t look up any tutorials as I’m strong headed and like to do things myself (much to my detriment usually). However I have to admit, I’m pleased with the results!

Here is how I made it.

Here is what you need.. an old hairband, mine was on from Primark years ago, pack of 3 for a £1. Some paper flowers, mine were pack of 12 for £1.30 from Craft Creations. A metre of ribbon, this one was also from Craft Creations, it was 10p. Some scissors, super glue and not pictures, sellotape.
First I wound the flowers around the hairband. Because they were so small and delicate this was quite fiddly and I wanted them pretty even which I think is what I managed by starting at the centre of the hairband and working outwards instead of one end and across. I did have to super glue a couple of heads back on as they popped off when I was trying to maneuver them around.
Next I selloptaped on end of the ribbon to one leg and started winding it around up the hairband and inbetween the roses. I wanted to make sure any of the pointed ends of the wire were covered up by the ribbon and wouldn’t stick into my head. I removed the sellotape briefly to superglue either end of the ribbon then I replace the sellotape to keep it in place until it dried. I left it over night with the tape on to be sure. 

I removed the tape and there we have it. One super cute floral rose hairband! The small roses make it suitable and not inappropriate for all occasions, and if i’m quite frank, I don’t think I’d suit the large rose ones. Lucky you if you do!

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