#138 Hair Week Day 2 – Neal & Wolf Products Review

Second post of today and another product review. I’m sure you’ll all be pleased to know there is only one post tomorrow due to having a busy day. Even tonight’s post won’t take you long to read as I want to limit my rambling and get to the point. The reason behind this is I’m now ridiculously addicted to 30 Rock and I want to finish off season one tonight. 
Tonight I’m reviewing some Neal & Wolf products I was lucky enough to receive in my Nottingham meet goody bag. Prior to the meet Neal & Wolf had contacted us on twitter to let us know they were supporting us bloggers and had given a full size product and some samples for our goody bags. I had only vaguely heard of the brand so I did a bit of research. The company claims to have;
…created a range that balances glamour, effectivity and affordability. So now everyone can spoil themselves, everyday.“(taken from their website)
 Obviously my first thoughts were “bring it” after all that’s what every girl wants when it comes to hair care, right?
The full size product I received was the Super Shine Spray* and I’ll admit at first I was a bit disappointed as I have naturally shiny hair.. however after using it religiously since getting it, I take every word back and in fact, I’d pay for this product! Why? Well, I have struggled with static hair ever since I first started using hair straighteners and it drives me bonkers! I usually use serum but I find it weighs my hair down, but this spray is amazing at getting rid of the static! No more fly away hair! It now falls perfectly after i’ve straightened and for that it’s worth the £11.95. Nothing worse than your hair sticking to your face. Not only that, it smells AMAZING! Like vanilla, well that’s what I think anyway. The scent really lingers on your hair too, i’ve had so many compliments and people asking if it’s my shampoo. 
I also received a sachet each of the Daily Cleansing Shampoo* and the Daily Cleansing Conditioner*. Like with the spray, these smelt so luxurious and left my hair soft.. however apart from that I can’t say much else as I can never tell much from one sachet. They retail at £10.95 for the shampoo and £11.95 for the conditioner. I would probably pay it if I was a bit flushed, so maybe every other month? 
I’m really impressed with what I’ve seen so far from Neal & Wolf, a really expensive feeling brand without the insane price tag of some other similar ones. I would be really interested in trying the Harmony Intensive Care Treatment since my hair is always colour damaged.
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