#140 Hair Week Day 4 – My Hair Routine

Evening! I thought I’d give you all a break from the bombardment of product reviews! Tonight I’m going to talk about my current hair care routine as I know how much everyone likes to have a nosy at routines. I want to first say, I’m not a hair expert. I go with whatever products work best for my hair/are on offer but it always follows a similar formula. I’m going to share with you some of my favourite products and some of the products i’m using just now.
For reference my hair is currently mid-length, slightly choppy, dyed brown with the ends bleached. It’s normal and doesn’t often get greasy but it does get dry at the ends after I first colour it. I was it every other day to every two days depending on how busy I am.

First off, shampoos and conditioners. For me, due to a slight OCD I need to have them matching. I can’t help it, it’s just a thing. Another thing I switch every month between Herbal Essence and James Brown. I always use James Brown’s Colour Enhance shampoo and conditioner. I first discovered James Brown when I was in uni. I’d just got my student loan through and the bottles were 2 for £7 in Boots which to me was a bargain as they retail for £6.12 a bottle. I was drawn to the white simplicity of the bottle and after a quick sniff I was hooked. I’ve used them on and off ever since, I like to stock up at Boots in the Boxing Day sale. I think they’re great at keeping my colour glossy so the only thing I have to worry about is roots. 
My other favourite brand is Herbal Essence. They’re such good value for money and the smell from them is amazing. I ALWAYS get complimented on the way my hair smells when it’s my month for using them. I tend to chop and change between different scents. My favourites are the Hello Hydration and Beautiful Ends but I have the new Bee Strong to try next month. I think they’re a great high street shampoo and usually range between £1.99 – £3.89 depending on the size and where you’re buying it from. They’re usually on offers such as 3 for 2 in Boots and Tescos.
Every other wash I always use a split end or intensive treatment masque. I’ve tried various ones my favourites have been the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque* I reviewed the other night and the Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Intensive Mask which is currently a bargain £1.87 in Superdrug. It smells fantastic! However, I was SO disappointed by this TRESemme Split End Remedy. It doesn’t have a great smell, is quite heavy on my hair and hasn’t done nothing. It retails for £5.69 and I’ll not be buying it again. Then again I’m really not a fan of TRESemme.
Onto my hair tools. Not pictured I have an Enrapture Totem Hair Styler that I will be reviewing at the weekend.  However, pictured I do have my Nicky Clarke Hair Dryer. I got this for Christmas and I’m sure it was only about £10 on Amazon, I can’t find it now. It does the job. I really don’t understand all the different kinds of hair dryers if I’m quite honest, I just like one that does the job I want it to do, dry my hair. 
On the other hand, I like my straighteners to be expensive. I like my GHDs. I was bought my first GHDs for my 20th Birthday by my parents and ever since then I’ve never looked back. My hair is naturally quite big if left to its own devices (think, Hermione Granger circa Philosophers Stone) so I like how sleek they make my hair without trying too hard. They lasted 5 years and probably would of lasted longer but they had started to smell a bit. I took this as a sign to treat myself in the Boxing Day sale on ASOS on a pair of the limited edition Peacock GHDs in green. I think they were reduced to £89 and come with a carry pouch and mat. GHDs regularly retail from £99 to £135 depending on what style you want. Even my mum has some!
Of course, if I’m straightening, curling or simply blow drying my hair I use some form of heat protecting spray, recently it’s been the Lee Stafford Blow Dry Wonder Spray* I reviewed last night but usually I just buy whatever is on offer as long at offers my hair some protection against 200c + heat.
As i’ve already mentioned this week in my hair through the years post.. I’m not a natural brunette.. I dye my hair every month – six weeks depending on how fast my hair is growing and how much my roots are showing.  Ever since first dying my hair I pretty much ALWAYS go for L’Oreal’s Casting Creme Gloss. It retails for £6.49 but there is often a two for £10 offer on in Boots so I usually stock up. I’ve been various shades over the years but I generally as rule of thumb stick to the Iced Chocolate colour. I love the shine I get from dying it, I love the range of colours but most of all.. I love the conditioner as it smells of JELLY BABIES! It also lasts a long time and as it says on the box, contains no ammonia which is vital for my a grade pain in the arse sensitive skin. 
When I’m doing my two toned dip dye that I’m still fond of although I’m sure the trend is dead (I’m sort of pleased with that though) as I’m a poor single mother who can’t afford hairdresser visits, and the fact my mums job before I was born was a hairdresser so it seems like throwing money away, again I just use a home dye kit. This time I use the L’Oreal Preference Wild Ombres Kit, which I have written about specifically here. It’s quick easy and gives my hair that perfect orange colour I love so much. I’m not even being sarcastic, I genuinely love it. It retails for £6 which when you compare it to how much a hairdresser would charge is a bloody bargain!
This month I’m going a few shades darker to Iced Cocoa.. all will be revealed why after next week. Bet you’re all excited now?
Another two products I won’t be reviewing but I use once or twice a week are hairspray and dry shampoo. Being a mother, the latter has become a savior over the last year and almost a half (urgh I can’t believe Little Miss is nearly one and a half, scary!) I usually go for cheap and cheerful Batiste but a while back my local Boots had the James Brown Hair Reviving Dry Shampoo reduced to £1.75 so I snapped that up. I think I’ve made my love for James Brown products very apparent! It usually retails for a whopping £7.19 so I doubt I’d buy it full price but for me, it says what it does on the tin. If I can’t wash my hair in the morning after a couple of days I whack some on, brush it out then tie it back without looking like a slap head. Good enough for me. 
I also have the James Brown Effortless Hold Hairspray, I did buy this for full price (well three for £12 I think) and i’ve been so disappointed. It’s so sticky that I only use it when I have to (curling and top knots) as I dislike how sticky it makes my hair, hands and skin. I’m still using it to use up the bottle if I’m honest but that’s about it. I mean it looks good once it’s dry and it does the job, it even brushes out well.. I just really hate sticky hairspray!
So what do I use to brush my mop!? Well when it’s wet I’m a huge fan of the wide tooth comb. I think this one came with my hairdryer. It’s super for distributing product but it sucks when it comes to knots. I have to admit before I get myself so stressed (I have a really sensitive scalp, so bad that when I was Little Miss’ age my mum could only brush my hair when it was wet!) I sometimes commit the cardinal sin of using my hair brush on it to get it over with quickly.  I’m not proud. I also favour the paddle brush, it’s super for long hair.. although I have to admit.. I’m intrigued by the Tangle Teezer.. I’ve just bought one for Little Miss (she’s not fond of the hair brush either) if it works I’ll be investing in one for myself.
FINALLY, I thought i’d show you the sad state of affairs that is where I currently store everything hair related. Living in my parents spare room which is 30 inches by 30 inches and you have to share it with your 16 month old daughter is not ideal.. no where to store anything! So at the moment it’s all shoved in a basket under my mirror.. I bet everyone else stores theirs better! 


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