#141 Hair Week Day 5 – The Friday Five

So, Hair Week hasn’t proven as popular as I first thought! Never mind, regular service will resume next week, you win some you loose some and all that jazz. I’ve enjoyed having one topic to write under anyway and in my opinion, that’s all that matters. 

I need to stop blogging so late in the evening but I always feel rude sat click click clicking away while my mum is watching TV. Hopefully this will change soon and I can blog when and wherever I please, and maybe even have somewhere decent to photograph things rather than chasing the sun around my parents relatively unsunny house. 
ANYWAY, tonight, since there hasn’t been a Friday Five in a while, I thought i’d give you a hair and blogger related one. I’m going to give you my five favourite hair related posts from other blogs. This way I get to share the love of some of my favourite blogs and it’s keeping in with my weeks theme. 
So here goes, enjoy! 
1. Alice of Tea and Lead‘s Hair Tutorials
In my opinion, Alice is the queen of hair tutorials. I love the way she does the little gifs to give you an idea of exactly how to do it. I’m hair styling challenged, I struggle to even tie my hair up so the fact that even I can do most of these (I still can’t do a French braid!) means that anyone can do them. I think they’re a really original idea and she often asks of twitter (@teaandlead) what her readers would like to see, so now because of this there is a lovely Victory Rolls tutorial for me to use, should I ever be brave enough to try and pull it off. Tea and Lead is also filled with other lovely things, such as beauty tutorials, reviews as well as fashion posts. 
2. Heidi of Heidi-Likes‘s Mermaid Hair Post
This is a bit of a tutorial and a bit of a review, Heidi talks about the Babyliss Porcelain Triple Barrel Waver in this blog post and shows us the fantastic results that can only be described as “mermaid hair” I think it looks fantastic and is a great product for anyone not wanting to shell out for a more expensive hair tool. I love Heidi’s blog, it’s mainly fashion with a few events and reviews thrown in for good measure. She has very unique style and i’m all about that!
3. Erica of Being Erica‘s H is for Hair Post
This was one of the inspirations for my own Hair Through The Years post earlier on this week. I loved reading Erica’s own Hair Post and seeing the photos she posted of her different hair styles. Erica is currently my blog crush. I love everything about her blog and can’t believe I only just discovered it. She’s also a lovely girl having had a few conversations with her over various mediums! I cannot recommend her blog enough. She has a few other hair related posts I could of mentioned which were mainly reviews but this one was my favourite. 
4. Laura of What Laura Did‘s GHD Curl Hold Spray Review
Of course I could of picked hundreds of reviews for hair care products, but I thought i’d go with one by my lovely friend Laura, yes that Laura who designed my new layout! As a rule of thumb I love Laura’s reviews because she’s a really honest person so I take what she says in a review as gospel. I’ve been on the hunt for a product that will help my curls stay in when I use my totem styler and she really sold the GHD Curl Hold Spray to me.
5. Hayley of Strangeness & Charm‘s Umberto Giannini Blogger Event Post
I love reading about events that other bloggers get invited to. This is one of my particular favourite ones about an event held by Umberto Giannini salon in Selfridges in Birmingham that my friend Hayley was lucky enough to attend! She had her hair styled and it looked fantastic! I love Hayley’s blog and she has been a great support during the rough times i’ve had recently (despite having never met.. yet!) Her blog is a bit of everything but mainly beauty and lifestyle. Definitely worth a look. 
Only two more days and three more posts for hair week, on top of that I have a busy weekend so I really hope I can fit it all in. Hope everyone has a nice weekend regardless of the weather (which I’m almost certain will be rubbish!)
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