#142 Hair Week Day 6 – Enrapture Encode Totem Styler Review

Penultimate day of Hair Week guys! Bet you’re all glad! I have to admit I will be glad of a beauty break! I have a few lifestyle, food and fashion posts planned so it’ll be a nice change. Maybe even a book review by the end of the week although I’ve been so busy with Hair Week and other life stuff I haven’t done much reading. Anyway, I’m rambling (that’s a skill that i’m going to put on my CV!)
Tonight, as you can see, I’m reviewing the Enrapture Encode Totem Styler.  My mum bought this for me for my birthday back in March as the thing I originally asked for was taking a long time to arrive from Next. The Totem Styler was on offer in Tesco for £30 and my mum had £15 worth of vouchers so despite the RRP of £74.99 my mum got them for a bargain £15 (give or take a few pence). I’d read loads of reviews online before requesting them and I was sure i’d finally found a product that could give me corkscrew curls without sleeping with a ton of foam in my hair!
It took me a few weeks to get up the courage to finally use them. I’m really rubbish with styling my hair so I was worried I wouldn’t be able to use them.. and boy I was wrong. They come with a little booklet that gives you tips on how to use them, together with some videos on youtube and reviews I soon got the hang of it. In the second photo you can see the little dials you can change to select how hot that particular part of the tong gets. I generally use 3,3,3 to achieve cork screw curls which is my fav look. But you can chose different combinations of numbers to create different looks.
For me, what makes these the easiest hair styling tool on the market is the swivel cord. It makes wrapping the hair around the tong and plate easy. It also has a removable stand that is easily flicked in and out while you separate your hair out.
The Enrapture Totem Styler comes with some handy booklets, a little heat protective pocket to keep them when you’re not using them, three year guarantee and of course the tongs themselves. They come in a sleek box as shown which makes them look really professional, I cannot lie and say I was not excited when I first received them. Although they’re a little pricey at £74.99 they are often on offer in Argos, Tesco and Boots who have been known to have them on half price for a limited time. So worth the money. I really want to try the Amplify Jumbo Waver as I think they’d be fantastic for giving me mermaid hair like Heidi (I mentioned her mermaid hair last night in my blogger love post).
Finally, before I bid you good night, here is my hair before and after receiving the Enrapture Totem Styler treatment, what do you think?

Before curling
After curling (And applying lipstick!)
Hope you’re all enjoying your bank holiday break! Well, if you’re getting one!

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