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Now that Hair Week is over and done with, I’m finally writing a post I’ve been desperate to share with you all week. I’ll start by saying, this isn’t sort of post I normally do, nor do I want it to be considered as begging. I just wanted to share this story with you and maybe ask if you could help by making a donation to a worthy cause. I know a lot of my readers have children and I hope this will make them appreciate them as much as it’s made my family all pull together and realise how lucky we are to have healthy little ones of our own.
I’ve made it clear many times that I don’t particularly like my home town but over the past week this has made us all pull together for one family.  It’s honestly opened my eyes at to how there is still some good people left here despite feeling the bad had driven me out a long time ago. I live in a small town and usually the community is divided on various issues but we’ve all come together to make the life of one little boy as comfortable as possible and to help his parents out.

This is Roman and his mum Rachel. Roman is 11 months old and has recently been diagnosed with a terminal and incurable disease known as Alphas Diseases, it’s one of the large group of mitochondria diseases that mainly affects the liver and brain. This means he’ll probably never even see his teenage years and will need around the clock care for the rest of his life. 
Imagine being told that? That your pride and joy isn’t going to live past childhood? Even writing this chokes me up because as a mother that is my worst nightmare (second worse to being told you won’t see your child grow up, that’s another that makes me sick to the stomach)  the very thought of Little Miss dying sends me into floods of tears! Imagine that being your reality? 
His parents have been fantastic. Everyone raves of their bravery. His dad is currently on compassionate leave from Afghanistan where he’s a firefighter with the RAF but before that, his mum had to go through the diagnoses alone. I’ve been through a lot alone but that, I don’t think I could of coped but she has been amazing. They want to give Roman everything possible to make his life as comfortable as they can, but there is only so much love can get and even though they and their families have buckets full, our town has taken it upon themselves to raise funds so they can provide Roman with equipment to give him the best life possible. 
My second cousin Lynley has set up a funding page and already in the space of a week we have managed to raise over £7000 but of course with the budget cuts by our government that would only get them so far.. Roman needs a special bed, chair, toys, hopefully even a sensory room, the list really is endless. The generousness of everyone has been phenomenal but I’m hoping by writing this I can do my little bit to help too. I’d like to hope if it was my own, my friends, my readers would be willing to do the same for me.
This week Jason Manford was doing some shows here in the local theatre. One of the residents wrote to him to tell him what the town was doing for Roman and he visited the family then donated all his takings from the five shows to the cause. You can see the full report here.  After all the negativity in the news over the past week, it was fantastic to hear this also making it onto our local news.

I’m not asking for much, the minimum donation is £1 and you can even pay via paypal.. but if every one of my readers donated just £1 we would of raised over £200 for Roman. For me, this is one of our own. I went to school with his uncle and sat beside him in class on more than one occassion, my mum and sister know Rachel and my cousin Ellys is very good friends with her. 
I know children get sick every day all over the country, some of you may of had relatives even die young, I lost a cousin to cancer. But all the money you bloggers spend on clothes, beauty products and various other things, I’m sure you can spare £1 to help this family. Please, please dig deep. It’s a worthy cause. 
You can donate here. And the Facebook page is here.
Thank you.
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