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I have been tagged by the lovely Amy-Lauren of Midas & Florence, not only do we share a name, we also share a huge love for all things Disney (which is probably the reason she tagged me!) I’ve been a on the border of being a Disney obsessive pretty much all my life, if I had to choose a university challenge topic, this would be it and because of the fact i’ve retained thousands of useless facts about Disney over the years I’m always on the winning team for Trivial Pursuit (the Disney edition, of course!)
This is quite a sweet little tag, I really wish I could share more photos however my holiday photo albums are shoved at the back of my wardrobe and I really can’t get to them. They’re all print outs anyway as I haven’t been to Disney since digital cameras became a thing, fingers crossed for next year though! 

If this is your image, please let me know so I can credit.
1. A scene in any Disney movie you wish you could experience.  
The majority of the romantic scenarios that I would like to happen in life have some basis in Disney movies which it makes it incredibly hard to just choose one. Probably when Beast gives Belle the library in Beauty and the Beast. In the opinion of a bookworm that is possibly the best gift you could ever receive. Either that or the lantern scene in Tangled, pretty darn romantic.

2. An unforgettable experience moment you’ve had at the Parks.

Again, I have to choose just one? The three holidays I had to Disney World when I was a child are my favourite childhood memories. In fact if I ever think of my childhood, the total of 6 weeks that I spent park hopping  is what dominates all my other memories. It’s impossible to pick one.. but perhaps the first time I saw Cinderella’s castle? One of the times we dined with the characters? The first time I went over the top of Splash Mountain? Spectromagic? The list is endless and even now I feel so choked up at the happiness I experienced while there. It’s the closest i’ve ever felt to my family.. maybe that’s the unforgettable experience? The fact we shared that time together.

3. What Non-Disney song(s) that reminds you or brings back memories of Disney and or the Parks? 

Remember the Magic! My sister & I still know all the words. It was the song played during the Magic Kingdom parade the first year I went to WDW when they were celebrating their 25 anniversary. God I’d love a CD of the music played in Magic Kingdom!


4. When was the first time you went to a Disney Park?

16th May 1997. I was 9 and my sister was 6. My grandmother had died a year before so my dad took us to take our mind off that. I remember the moment my parents even told us and it was exactly like those adverts on TV.. we were at my parents best friends who came with us and they told my sister and I and my friends son who was 4. I remember my sister and I screaming with excitement. We flew from Newcastle and stayed on International Drive. 

5. If you could choose any of the characters to be your best friend, who would you choose?
Belle. I think we have the most in common and that would make us have plenty to talk about it. She also lives in France. It makes me laugh because my best friend Bee who goes by Bel is most like Disney Belle, so I probably already achieved this question in a way!

6. Who are your favourite Disney Princesses? 
Despite hating her in the Disney movie (well her voice) I have always had a kinship with Snow White.. a lot of Princess stuff I own is Snow White. I also love Belle because of her love of books, Ariel because I’m most like her (I always give up too much important stuff when in love.. I really need to stop that and I’m pretty opinionated when it come to arguing with my dad) but my newest favourite is Rapunzel, she might even take over from Snow White eventually!

7. Name a scene/moment in a Disney movie that never fails to make you cry.
 I really don’t think I can name just one. In my opinion if it DOESN’T move me to tears it’s a bad Disney Movie *cough*Enchanted*cough* I even cry at Sofia the First on Disney Junior! Most recently I cried at Wreck-It Ralph.

8. What was the first Disney movie you remember seeing?
Peter Pan. In fact it’s the first movie I ever saw at the cinema. Even though it was quite old they showed it in the old tumble down theatre (it’s not nothing more than a pile of rubble) with my parents and little sister. We were pretty young, I think I was four and my sister two! 

9. What is your favourite Disney movie? 
I dedicated a full blog post a few months back to this very subject, you can read it here

10. Share a video or photo that shows you love for Disney  
Like I said earlier I wish I had access to all our old videos and photos, footage of my sister and I taking part in various parades, meeting characters.. I wish I even knew where all the professional photos were! I can’t even photograph all my memorabilia as the majority of it’s still in storage! Sigh.. anyway I’ve made a collage of all the scraps of photos I do have, definitely doesn’t even give a snapshot of my Disney obsession but it’ll have to do!
Meeting Ariel ’97 // Meeting Hercules ’02
Meeting Alice ’00 // Mum pulling the sword from the stone ’97
Mum & Dad in the stocks  // Erin, Martin & I at Epcot.
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