#149 101 Things Update No. 3

I’m half way through two blog posts but neither will be finished by the time Game of Thrones starts at 9pm, so instead I thought i’d show you an update from my 101 Things in 1001 Days. I’m getting on much better than I had realised. I kind of stopped actively doing this for a while when I was going through an awfully rough patch but now things have started to pick up again I thought i’d see how I was getting on. 
I currently have 21 in progress and 14 are completed. Not bad when we’re only half way through the first year! I think I’m going to actively start making progress on the list again especially now i’ve started to get my act together on this life thing. Anyway, though what i’ve completed and what i’m still working on. 

Start 1st January 2013 & Finish 29th September 2015

Italics is in progress. Strike is complete

Health & Beauty
1. Find a skin care routine that suits my skin
2. Have a treatment at a Lush Spa – I received a voucher for my birthday
3. Get a gym membership and go once a week
4. Get a tattoo
5. Reach nine stone – I reached it, then I bounced back up again.. will stick to this after I move.
6. Drink two pints of water a day
7. Try three new Benefit products (3/3) Hello Flawless Foundation, Hello Flawless Powder, Fine One One & Fake Up

Education & Work
8. Take up an evening class Currently taking two, book keeping & accounts and a computing certificate
9. Apply to university/Take an Open University course
10. Get a better job
11. Earn more than minimum wage in a job

12. Have all change bagged up and put into my daughters account
13. Pay off credit card – Less than £100 to go!
14. Buy one thing for a future home a month – I’m up to one thing a week atm!
15. Sell 10 things on eBay every month – Yep, on board with this, I made over £100 last month!
16. Save money towards Christmas with my mum
17. Save up enough money to move out
18. Save £10 a week towards something I really want
19. Keep a money diary

20. See five movies at the cinema per year (2/15) – Still only Les Mis & Pitch Perfect.
21. See a Shakespeare play
22. Join the local library
23. Go to an exhibition at a museum or gallery that I really want to see
24. Don my converses and go see a band I love live
25. Go to the Fringe Festival
26. Go to the Globe Theatre
27. See three musicals (0/3)
28. Go on the Harry Potter WB Studio Tour
29. Go to a book signing of an author I like

30. Meet Donna for lunch once a month (2/33) – It’s been really hard since she had her baby, but I’m going to try harder from now on.
31. Go to Wagamamas – YES, last month with Alice we both had Katsu Chicken Curry MMM
32. Try a new cultural food 
33. Eat in a celebrity restaurant
34. Host a dinner party
35. Take my parents out for a slap up meal and pay
36. Give up take out for a month

37. Keep in touch with Bee – DUH
38. Make a baby survival kit for Donna
39. Continue to build bridges that my ex destroyed – Building bridges AND new friendships, go me!
40. Attend a blogger meet up – Yes, attended the Notts one in April
41. Finally meet up with online friends – Slowly working my way through a MASSIVE list of this.
42. Make an effort to see Ingrid now she’s in Newcastle – Ingrid visited in March, now she’s off to Manchester BOO
43. Arrange to meet the girls in a different city every few months – It’s been mainly in Lincoln as we can crash at Jess’ three broke girls at the moment, sadly!
44. Make more effort to get to know the girls at work
45. Finally meet baby Tyler and see Steffy – This happened back in February, what a cutie!
46. Have a reunion with old work mates

47. Have a girls holiday
48. Go to London again
49. Take my daughter to the zoo
50. Go to a theme park
51. Take my daughter on holiday
52. Visit six places in the UK I’ve never been before (0/6)
53. Go to Ireland
54. Go to a Disney Park
55. Go to Wales

56. Sort out Olivia’s fathers visitation rights (through the safety of a court of course) – No comment.
57. Move out of my parents
58. Enroll my daughter into a nursery a few hours a week – She goes 5 hours a week and loves it!
59. Write a letter to my daughter on every one of her birthday (1/3)
60. Have a night out with my cousins when Lisa is over from Australia
61. Visit my grandmothers grave

61. Get a driving license
62. Start driving lessons
63. Make a five year plan – It’s currently a one year plan, working on it.
64. Sort out my finances and make a savings plan
65. Take up a hobby 
66. Have some writing published
67. Write a letter to my 30 year old self on my 25th birthday – Can’t wait to have a good laugh on my 30th at that mess!
68. Take part in NaNoWriMo
69. Reach 500 followers on blog
70. Take out a magazine subscription – Took out one with Elle in May
71. Make a scrapbook– Bought the scrap book.
72. Continue to print out all my photographs
73. Sort out my stuff once a month (5/33) – On it.
74. Learn a language

Frivolous Things
75. Organize the old photo albums
76. Meet a celebrity
77. Make my own cook book
79. Do an instagram challenge for a whole month – Doing it this month
80. Learn a relaxation technique to stop my ex upsetting me
81. Watch every episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch
82. Go ice skating
83. Donate to charityDonated to Help for Roman, please do this too.
84. Arrange a surprise for a friends birthday – I sort of did! But it all back fired in the end 🙁
85. Make a youtube video
86. Raise money for charity
87. Go to a Christmas market
88. Give something up for 30 days
89. Do Race for Life
90. Send up a Chinese lantern
91. Watch every episode of 30 Rock
92. Watch 26 movies I’ve never seen starting with each letter of the alphabet 
(The) Double
(The) Impossible
Les Miserables
Pitch Perfect
Rock of Ages
Wreck-It Ralph
93. See a psychic

94. Photograph every outfit I wear for one whole month
95. One Christmas buy all the family Christmas jumpers
96. Buy a vintage dress

Book Related
97. Reread all seven Harry Potter Books
98. Reread The Hobbit
99. Read 100 New Books (9/100) 
100. Read all the books on my shelf I haven’t read yet before buying more
101. Ask five friends to recommend a book and read each one (0/5)

Anyone else doing the 101 Things in 1001 Days? Let me see your list please!

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