#151 #YOLO Upon a Time

Last week was my best friend Bee‘s birthday. It’s become some what of a tradition to celebrate a birthday by having a murder mystery party, the last one was back in March for Bee’s partner Chris, it was an Alice in Wonderland themed one which I enjoyed so much and even blogged about it here. This time around the theme was fairytales, something that is deeply rooted in our friendship so I have been quiet possibly excited about this as much as the birthday girl. Something that was different this time though was the fact that Bee & her brother Chris (we know a LOT of Chris’) took it upon themselves to write it. It isn’t the first time they’ve written a murder mystery, they wrote one a few years back that we played out inside a tent, in the dark when it was pouring with rain. It was still a lot more fun than some of the bought ones as the parts are relevant and there are plenty of in jokes. 

Like with the one written specifically all those years ago, #YOLO Upon a Time (You Only Live ONCE upon a time, get it?) was written with each person in mind, not just character wise and the plot was laced with in jokes. Not only that but since both Bee & her brother are Once Upon a Time fans they added a twist where we had both a non-magic world and magic world part. Gosh this is so confusing to explain especially if you haven’t see the tv show. Since I had this all appealed to me, and as if that wasn’t enough, I finally got to fill a life long dream (another one, after being Alice) of being Snow White. 
From being there in the beginning of planning and then being at the end of it all, seeing it come together like it did was great. I know how much hard word went into it and i’m glad it all paid off. Bee really is the queen when it comes to hosting and organising parties!
I thought i’d share with you some photos of the night. There aren’t any photos of our costumes as I didn’t want to upset people I wasn’t close to with photos of themselves they hate (not that I’m sure any of them read by blog) but I would like to have permission first especially as they’re current likeness photos. 

I honestly wish I’d taken more better quality photos to really show off how much effort Bee had gone to but I get really nervous and socially awkward around people who I don’t know/aren’t friends with. I feel really rude with my camera and it just make me uncomfortable. However due to the fact myself & Bee’s other half spent all day in the kitchen making the food and the birthday girl herself spent all day in the lounge finishing off the scripting I didn’t leave enough time for photographing our hard work. The walls had fantastic castle wall like coverings with windows and torches, even the ceiling light had flickering candle esq bulbs in for the night. My favourite decorations I did photo though, the apple, shoe & rose for Snow White, Cinderella and Belle. The cake was made by Bee’s other best friend, it looked fantastic. She also made loads of cake pops which I nicked a couple of for Little Miss. I really did feel like a princess in it.
My dress came from eBay as I don’t know where I’ll wear it to again although I know I’ll never sell it as I love it more than my actual dress I wore to my High School prom. This one actually made me look like a princess. Anyone who follows me via instagram will have seen my make up for the evening, I think with my dark hair, fair skin and a bit of red lipstick I pulled off Snow White really well, although not nearly as good as Ginnifer Goodwin. I just don’t have the cheekbones!
Over all, it was a fantastic night that I really didn’t want to end, I would of happily spent the rest of my life living between Talesworth and The Enchanted Kingdom. I quite liked the sound of both of my characters lives. 
And since writing all this, I have changed my mind, did a bit of chopping and added a few costume photos of people I know won’t mind. Everyone made such a good effort it would be a shame not to share. I apologise for the fact I’m cheesing in all these despite the fact i’d only had a glass or two of mojitos at this point. 
Disney Beast // Belle & Prince Adam (Beast) // Merlin
Beast & Prince Philip // Belle & Snow // Jack (of the Beanstalk fame)
Happy (Looking super HAPPY) // Snow // Enchanted Rose

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