#154 Granny Sally’s Soap Kitchen Products Review

Tonight i’m reviewing some products by what I can only describe as one of my favourite beauty brand finds of 2013. I had heard a few people rave about Granny Sally’s Soap Kitchen so when I received my Birmingham Blogger Meet goodie bag I was over joyed to find some samples in here and I gave using them priority status simply after the first sniff.

I had taken my own photos of the products but in typical Amy style, I’ve miss placed them. I headed straight to twitter to have a bit of a moan about it as I really wanted to review them and Granny Sally’s were kind enough to email me their promotional photos to use in my review instead. So if you’re wondering why they don’t have the usual Cocktails in Teacups curved corners, that is why.

A little bit of information about Granny Sally’s for you all. All their products are handmade in Scotland, using the best natural ingredients and using either vegetable or fruit bases. They’re good for sensitive skin (yay for me!) and are perfect for every day use. You can find a detailed list of all the other ingredients used in each products here. Not only do they make fabulous beauty products, they also make amazing looking candles. I have my eye on a few for when I move!

So what was I lucky enough to try? I received a sample of Mana Loaf(*), Mississippi Mud Pac(*) and my absolutely favourite Vanilla Rice Pudding Scrub(*).

Starting with Mana Loaf. Firstly I’ll say of all three of the products this was my least favourite but by all means that doesn’t make it a bad product! The main reason this is the least favourite product is because it’s essentially a soap and I don’t personally like soaps. However, it smells AMAZING, definitely reminded me of cake, so I was still obviously going to to use it. I used it in the shower by rubbing it on my wobbly bits (aka my bum & tops of my legs), it claims to exfoliate and moisturise which it did very well and it reminded me very much of the Lush Body Butters. Although it was only a sample it lasted a fair few showers until it started to fall apart due to the texture. You can buy it and try it yourself at an absolute bargain price of £3.50.
Next we have the amazing smelling Mississippi Mud Pac. I went straight on from using my Lush Cupcake fresh facemask to using this and it continued to work the exact same way. Made of mainly clay and real coco this mask left my skin so soft. It kept all my break outs under control and because I kept it in the fridge it was so cooling on my face, which felt great when I was taking a hot bath. The mask smelt and felt like chocolate angel delight, it was amazing! Honestly, it makes you want to eat it but just don’t. It’s RRP is only £4 for a cute glass jar of the stuff. Definitely on my repurchase list.
Saving the best for last, the amazing Vanilla Rice Pudding Scrub. The Rice Pudding Scrub comes in two flavours, vanilla and raspberry. I was lucky enough to be given a sample of the vanilla scrub and I have to admit when I first smelt it I was like “urgh, so sweet” but over the couple of weeks I used it, I became addicted and even took it out the fridge when I wasn’t using it to sniff the tub! It feels like a normal scrub, small grains that really do well at exfoliating your skin. I used it in the shower again on my wobbly bits, I don’t have cellulite but from having my daughter I have about 6 or 7 stretch marks that I hate so much, I like to exfoliate then layer with stretch mark reducing oil. This stuff was great, my skin felt so soft after using it and smelt amazing! It retails for £4 for a glass jar and I need some more of it in my life! 
I now actually have a Granny Sally’s wish list that I’m going to share even though it isn’t even Wishlist Wednesday! Their website is choker block with fantastic products with a smell that would appeal to everyone (a bit like Yankee Candles, ha!) Anyway, here are a few products I want to try.. after the success of the Vanilla Rice Pudding Scrub, I want to give the Brown Sugar Scrub a go. I love any products that smell or contain brown sugar and for £4, totally worth a try! I’d also love to try the Key Lime Pie in the Face Mask as Key Lime Pie is one of my favourite desserts. Again, at only £4, it would be silly not to. As i’ve mentioned 100 times, I love Lush’s bubble bars however one of my favourites, the Ma Bar was discontinued but this Coccy and Vanilla Bath Fudge looks like it could smell similar and have the same effect. I also want every one of the Spice Box Candles! The scents are fantastic! And I wouldn’t say no to the Martini Glass Candles, especially Lime Mojito!
Have you been lucky enough to try anything by Granny Sally’s Soap Kitchen?

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