#155 A Wednesday Wishlist – Home Edition Part 5

It’s still five hours until I’ll know whether or not i’m in the running for a house this week and I ready feel really sick with worry, that and the fact I’m so tired from two nights on the couch in an attempt to allow myself and Little Miss to have more sleep than a couple of hours at a time. I miss the good ol’ days where if I wanted to move house I could coax friends/boyfriend into finding somewhere but as a single mum in a small desirable town that is pretty much impossible. My parents have a two bedroom house and after a year of living in their box room with Little Miss, I’m done, I need my own place. I miss having my own place. It’s just out of my hands.

Anyway, I don’t want to bring you all down with my exhausted moans. I try to limit my personal life stuff to a single paragraph as not to bore my lovely readers. Tonight it’s part 5 of my Home Edition wishlists, this week it’s the lounge/living room/sitting room, whatever you want to call it. Growing up it was always the living room but as i’ve jumped around the country living with various people from all walks of life I tend now to call it whatever comes into my head first. 
The wishlist itself isn’t that long again today. Unlike with my bedroom where I have a lot of stuff for it, I don’t have anything for the lounge but I also don’t have the money to buy a lot of brand new bits for the lounge. My sofas/chairs will be second hand and I won’t be able to be picky about them, as long as they’re comfy I’ll take whatever colour until I can afford better. I also don’t plan on filling the room with a lot of furniture as I want space for Little Miss to place to play. 
So here is my current living room wishlist. 

1. Bookcase £44.99, Argos // 2. Cable Knit Throw, £24 BHS // 3. Coffee Table, £29.99 Argos
4. Blue Cushion, £8 BHS // 5. Neutral Cushion, £8 BHS // 6. Happily Ever After Cushion,  £10 BHS //
7. Travel Cushion, £20 BHS
8. TV Unit  £59.99, Argos // 9. London Canvas, £14.99 Argos
Like with all my room I have a colour scheme and a theme. For the lounge i’ve gone with red & blue (inspired by my red velvet Yankee Candle) and the theme being travel. I already have a black & white New York print and some little travel chests I bought in Dunelm Mill that I’m going to use to keep various nick knacks in such as sewing, spare buttons, things I don’t want Little Miss to get her hands on.
The bits and pieces I’ve so far picked out are pretty much only from Argos and BHS. Argos is just so cheap for furniture and I love the beech colour.. I’ve picked out the biggest bookcase for my books although I have a feeling I might need more than one, a very basic coffee table and the tv unit that has doors I can tie shut until Little Miss is old enough to know not to touch. My dad has offered to buy the TV unit as he bought one for my sister, he is always in charge of anything electrical related. I already have a tall narrow bookcase that I plan on keeping my dvds in, Little Miss can have the bottom two shelves for her books and dvds.. As I mentioned above I’m probably not going to have the nicest looking sofa to begin with so I plan on covering it in a ton of throws. I love this cable knit one from BHS, the colour is perfect and it looks pretty warm if I need to curl up under it in the winter to keep warm. Going hand in hand with throws, we have cushions. At my house I shared with my daughters father I bought some AMAZING cushions from BHS, so big and soft. When I left I didn’t take them so I’m obviously going to buy the same ones in different colours for my new house. When I have a wee bit more money to spare I also really want a couple of pretty ones, I love anything fairytale related so naturally I instantly was drawn to the “Love, Laughter & Happily Ever After” cushion. And of course to tie in with my travel theme I have picked out the sign post cushion, which also happens to be red & blue. Finally, I’m one of these people who doesn’t really like one of something, so to go on my wall I’ve seen this black and white London canvas. Now I just need to find a Paris one!
There you have it! Only two more housey wishlists to go, one for the garden and one for things I’d love but would feel dumb buying for myself.. also known as the housewarming wish list! The random stuff you don’t really need is always the most fun to buy!

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