#156 Dainty Doll Lipstick in It’s My Party Review

I’ve had a bad day and I’m so tired after a 5:55 wake up call from Little Miss, then my dad getting up and making a load of noise while taking a shower, I mean who bangs around in the shower at 6am?! Even if I showered at 8am I’d still be respectful. HOWEVER, my parents are away tonight so I have the house to myself, a room to myself and most importantly the TV to myself. I plan on watching Wreck-It Ralph, order pizza and do a lot of pampering. So ready for it.
However, before the pampering and pizza eating commences, I’m going to tell you my thoughts on the Dainty Doll lipstick I bought a couple of months back. My make up reviews are starting to build up, but luckily should I ever get to finally move (more set backs today, urgh) I’ll have plenty of material for scheduled posts while I’m waiting on the net to be up and running. Can’t wait to be working with something faster than dial up speed.. in fact I think dial up was faster than the net at my parents house!
I’m sure by now everyone fair skinned girl and their mothers have bought something from the Dainty Doll range now available on Fragrance Direct because let’s face it, all us bloggers do love a bargain! I figured it would be an idea chance to give the range a try when I was ordering my daughter a Tangle Teezer. I ordered two eye pencils for 99p each, a blush for £1.99 and this lipstick for £1.99. I went for It’s My Party as it wasn’t a colour of lipstick I happened to own yet.
The service by Fragrance Direct was pretty good. Everything arrived well packaged and in good time. The prices are really unbeatable and even with postage my wee haul didn’t come to much more than £15! The actual packaging of the Dainty Doll products is really gorgeous. I love the cartoon girl on the box and the black lipstick with gold writing is very sophisticated and reminds me of the MAC bullets, just different shape. 
For anyone who doesn’t know about the Dainty Doll range, it was created by Nicola Roberts of the Girls Aloud fame for fair skinned girls, which of course in essence, when I haven’t been out in the sun and bore the red skin for a week until it goes brown, is me. I often swatched the products when they were available in Boots but I could just never justify the price. It has since been discontinued which is probably the reason the range is currently so cheap on Fragrance Direct.
Anyway, the lipstick. 
The lipstick is a hot pink colour that goes on smoothly even over slightly chapped lips (which mine are at the moment due to the warm weather). The pigmentation is fantastic and if you want it compared to a more popular lipstick I’d say it was very similar to MAC’s amplified creme range. The best part though is the fact it lasts for AGES! Much longer than any of my MAC lipsticks even without a lip liner as a base. The colour stays and it doesn’t dry out your lips. I loved it so much I went back to buy some more of the Dainty Doll lipsticks only to find they’d sold out. 
It has a slight sheen to it when applied but I think that’s probably how it doesn’t dry your lips out. It’s such a wearable colour for during the day because it’s not that pink and I have to admit it’s probably one of my most worn lipsticks. It’s just gorgeous and for £1.99, what more can you ask?
Have you tried any of the Dainty Doll range? What did you think?

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