#157 The Great British Cupcakery Launch Night

Last week I was invited by the really lovely Sarah to a cupcakery launch night in Newcastle. I had only met her once back in April at The Body Shop event but we’d hit it off so I jumped at the chance. My mum agreed to have Little Miss to give me a night off to drink cocktails, eat cake and hang out with some girls my own age instead of being sat at home with a bottle of cider watching Revolution with my parents.
The cupcakery in question is The Great British Cupcakery – Bakehouse & Parlour which is situated on Queens Street down by the Quayside in Newcastle. I love the Quayside, it’s my favourite area in central Newcastle and when I live down there a few years back I worked in the Slug & Lettuce. The cupcakery is already open but on Friday they held a 1920’s prohibition themed launch party, WHICH JUST SO HAPPENS TO BE MY FAVOURITE ERA EVER! Dressing up was optional and since i’m on a pre-moving spending ban I didn’t want to buy anything new so I went with a jewelled collar drop waist dress, some seemed tights, heels and of course, some red lipstick. I’ve decided should I ever be thrown a birthday party/hen party I’d love a 1920’s theme! I wish i’d taken an outfit photo but my parents had been away all day so I had less than 30 minutes to get ready without Little Miss climbing up my leg. Anyway, I digress, I caught the train down and headed to the Great British Cupcakery. Along with Sarah and I, two of my other favourite North East bloggers were also in attendance, Amy and Tasha.
So a little bit about the Great British Cupcakery. Owned by Leoni Avison, a 23 year old former marketing manager who started baking as a hobby while she was unemployed. Now she is running a business selling cupcakes and cakes from an absolutely stunning wee parlour that is the epitome of shabby chic. You can read more about Leoni’s fantastic story here. If there was ever a story to give me hope that one day I will make something of myself, this is it! 
As soon as I walked through the doors I knew this place was right up my street. From the wall colours to the tables and chairs, everything was just the pure essence of what I’d imagine a cupcakery to look like. It looked perfectly and I inwardly squealed with excitement when I saw that there was the cutest afternoon tea laid out. We were all welcomed warmly and after a couple of seconds of standing awkwardly (we were the first to arrive while professional photos were still being taken) we took a seat at one of the tables.
We were given a selection of triangle sandwiches (my favourite) scones, both cheese and plain, the plain ones were filled with jam and cream, Amy declared them fantastic! And of course cakes, mini cupcakes, profiteroles and cheesecake. Everything was so delicious and even though there was no butter with the cheese scones they were so moist that you could simply eat them like a biscuit. My favourite was the cheesecake which was american cheesecake, topped with cream cheesecake and a strawberry! I also loved the mini cupcakes and even though I’m not a fan of butter cream I could of eaten a whole bowl of this frosting! To wash it all down we were given cocktails, not just cocktails though, cocktails in teacups! The china was gorgeous and I had to be on my best behavior and not slip it into my bag. The cocktail we all went for was a Gatsby which I think was made up of Southern Comfort, ginger ale and lemonade? Whatever it was it went down far too easily! I think I had three, maybe even four! All the staff were so nice and attentive, offering us more drinks and willing to chat.
Half way through the night Leoni cut a fantastic three layered cake and we all got a slice. It was delicious. For a girl who would always choose a cupcake over a cake slice that is a big deal! It was so light, the icing was so creamy and even the decoration was edible. I take my hat off to anyone who can get four perfect layers! We also each got a MASSIVE slice to take home and I can report that my whole family (kids included) adored it. My sister even demolished most of my dads slice which caused a bit of an argument! 
It was a really fantastic night and the company was great. Thank you Sarah for inviting me along with you, I really enjoyed myself. I also enjoyed having a proper chat with Amy and Tasha. Of course also thank you to the staff at Great British Cupcakery for hosting a really great night! 
If you’d like to find out more about the Great British Cupcakery, here are some ways you can follow them;
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