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#159 The Umbrella Collective, Week 8 – Wanderlust

The Umbrella Collective is back, this week Alice, Laura, Rhiannon and I are exploring the theme of Wanderlust. What with the summer just starting it’s natural for us all to be thinking of holidays. I think the only one who is actually getting away anywhere for definite is Alice who is jetting off to Thailand! I won’t pretend for a second that I’m not so ridiculously jealous! As of September I won’t have been abroad for three years. My feet are itchier than they have ever been! This is the longest I’ve gone without a holiday abroad since I was sixteen. I’m now twenty five! I’m a traveler at heart. I adore zig zagging all over the country, even on my own. In it’s purest form, that is Wanderlusta very strong or irresistible impulse to travel.
I have spent all evening thinking about where in the world I really want to go and as hard as I tried I couldn’t narrow it down to one place. There are so many beautiful places in the world that I really want to visit that I couldn’t just pick one, so instead I’m going to share a few places I hope one day to visit. Of course now I have Little Miss to take into consideration, my ex partner has forbidden all holidays abroad (I mean what selfish dick does that?) but as long as I don’t indefinitely remove my daughter from the country, I’ve been assured holidays are allowed. At the moment she is far too young for the sort of exploring holidays I wish to take, but eventually she’ll be able to enjoy them as much as I did as a child. In the mean time, there is of course Disneyland Paris, and then eventually Florida. But some day I hope she will be able to enjoy an adventure around Greek ruins, appreciate museums in Italy, see the beautiful beaches od the south of France, theatre in London.. you know the rest.
Without further a do, my Wanderlust Lust List
  • Hawaii 
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For me, Hawaii is the ultimate honeymoon destination. Should I ever get married and we’re not completely broke, I’d love to go there. It’s just paradise. The beautiful beaches, the ocean but there is so much more! Inland water falls, fabulous customs, fantastic looking food, cocktails of course, I’d love to surf and explore. Give me Hawaii over Thailand or Bali any day!

  • Italy
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Italy has been on my lust list for many many years, in fact, I’d love to visit many places in Italy that I couldn’t just pick one. From historical Rome to the fashion capital of Milan, Venice, Pisa, Florance and right down to Naples and Capri. If I didn’t think I was secretly French, I would think I was Italian as I love love love the culture and especially the food. Once Little Miss is a bit older Italy is first on my hit list. I cannot wait to explore the museums with her and eat authentic Italian at a little out door cafe. Bah, who needs all inclusive on some Spanish island? That isn’t my kind of holiday!
  • Paris
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I have been to Paris once before, when I was twelve, on a school trip. I loved it and ever since then I’ve been obsessed with France and anything french inspired, from the foods I like to eat to the way I dress. I’d love to go to Paris and simply wander. In fact before I had Little Miss I considered becoming a french aupair specifically in Paris. I love the language and as I want my daughter to have a second language I hope to take it up again along with her as I wasn’t half bad at GCSE. I’d love to go to Paris and do things on my schedule, see the places I want to see, eat cheap pastries and drink coffee. 
  • Washington DC, Boston and San Francisco in the USA
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I unashamedly love the USA. I’ve been to Florida/Georgia three times and New York twice. I really hate when people hate on the place! I would go back to New York in a heart beat but there are so many other places I want to visit, topping the list are Washington DC because I have a huge soft spot for American History, Boston because I love the East Coast and San Francisco because it just looks bloody awesome. Those sorts of places are going to have to wait until Little Miss is in her teens before they’re even considered but I will see them one day, I’m determined!
  • Athens, Greece
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Although I ultimately chose Geography for my GCSE, I do love History, I just didn’t like what I’d be studying at GCSE level. I prefer ancient history, in particular Greek. I also love Greek mythology and early Greek theatre (hello, drama student) so it’s a must for me to at some point in my life visit the birth of it all, Athens. I have been to Greece four times, Skiathos thrice and Rhodes once but never to mainland Greece (unless you count Volos to refuel, which I don’t!) Athens has been on my list to visit for years, even more so since Juliet went earlier this year. I also have a particular fondness for Greek food. I would probably want to visit here in the late winter/early spring as I really struggle with the Greek heat in high season but I so badly want to visit the Parthenon.
I could continue this list all day, but I think I’ll stop at five.. well six.. because how could I not mention this place?
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An honorary mention of my dream holiday. The place I’d go if someone handed me a couple of thousand pounds tonight, Disney World in Florida. The thought of going back once Little Miss is finally old enough makes me feel sick with excitement. The place encompasses all my childhood memories, for me it really is the happiest place on Earth. I know I won’t be able to settle on any real holidays until I’ve been back. I get irrationally jealous of anyone I know who goes because I love it so much which is actually really lame and pathetic. I had a holiday booked back in 2010 but when I broke up with my ex I had to cancel due to the fact I couldn’t find anyone else to go with.. I have to admit that was the hardest part of the break up. I’m a mouse cadet at heart, and I always will be. 
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