#160 A Wednesday Wishlist – Home Edition Part 6

I feel like I’m cheating you readers by doing a very short post tonight but it’s been a very trying day. Little Miss has about five teeth all coming through at once so I’m up and down all night… then I couldn’t nap all day for some reason because I have a massive to-do list then to top it all off I’ve had my Book Keeping and Accountancy class for three hours tonight. I doubt i’ll be up much later than midnight tonight. I have loads to do tomorrow again, a walk into town for some shopping, health visitor appointment then another class tomorrow night! I feel like I don’t stop at the moment! 
I’m rambling again, anyway tonight is probably my second to last Home Edition wishlists and it is a tiny one as it focus’ on the garden. Unlike my lovely little girl, I don’t have much interest in the garden other than sitting it in for a barbeque or to read my book. Little Miss on the other hand LOVES the garden. She helps my mum with the flowers, plays on the see-saw and likes to play with her Disney Princess ball. Luckily whatever house I get it will have a garden which I will mainly use for her.. although I am quite fancying growing my own produce.. that’s more my mums expertise though. 
Fingers crossed something comes up this week.. I think my dad’s going to loose his mind if I stick around here much longer. The problems that come with returning home after six years with a mini version of myself in tow.. my dad didn’t get on with the original version twenty five years ago!
Onto the mini list. Next weeks will be much better as it’s my house warming wishlist, not that people buy house warming gifts but hey a girl can dream!
1. Pink Slide £25.49, Amazon // 2. Purple Bistro Set £49.99, Argos
3. Solar Powered Bird Cage Lights £14.99, Homebase // 4. Pink Rocking Horse £22.99, Argos
See what I mean about it being a small list? I’ve mainly picked out things that Little Miss will get pleasure from. She has an indoor rocking horse that she gets so much pleasure from and my parents have my sisters old rocker here that she uses but when I move out I won’t be able to take it as my nephew uses it too. The pink rocker is perfect and it’s waterproof. I also picked out the little slide as she still has birthday money left and I think it would be nice to get summer toys for her. I also want to get her a trike that I featured here, I would of got it sooner but my parents don’t have the room to keep it. The other two items are more for me, ever since I saw that bistro table in the Argos book I’ve been in love! It doesn’t look very comfy so I’d have to probably get a recliner for sun bathing on but it looks bloody nice to eat off! Finally the birdcage solar lights; my mum has some in her garden (not the birdcage ones, but solar lights) and I just love how nice they look in the evening. The birdcages are right up my street and have pretty good reviews on the Homebase website!
What do you think? Garden has been hard for me as I’ve never ever had a garden before, I’ve had a yard and a juliet balcony but no garden. I should also note I pretty much kill all plants so maybe I should look into getting it graveled..
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