#173 MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick Review

Hey guys! In case you missed the memo, I’m 100% back from my moving induced blogging hiatus (what a mouthful!) I am crazy excited to be back on your dashboards with 101 new posts (that’s an exaggeration) hopefully working up to my old ways of spamming you daily. If you had missed me, I bet you suddenly changed your mind! I do have a lot of house related posts coming up later on in the week but I have all the photos to sort through still so today I’m bringing you a lipstick review. 
Earlier this month I was so excited to learn I’d won the lovely Danniella of Famous in Japan‘s giveaway! It was for a MAC lipstick of choice so I went for the infamous Candy Yum Yum! During the heatwave and my big move I hadn’t found time to wear a neon lipstick, that was until today.. I decided that this fine Wednesday would be the day of Candy Yum Yum.. I’m not 100% sure how much my sister appreciated me wearing it to do a grocery shop but there you go.. Also not sure it was appropriate for the nursery run, but I wore it anyway! And you know what, I felt GOOD.

MAC Candy Yum Yum RRP £15*

Candy Yum Yum is a matte lipstick in a fabulous neon pink shade, it’s probably more suited to nights out but since I rarely have those I’m wearing it in the day to do every day things and well people will have to deal. Usually matte lipsticks aren’t my friends as I have naturally dry lips but 15 minutes before applying I did layer on the lipbalm as a barrier. After that had absorbed on went the lipstick and I was really impressed with the results. The pigmentation is fantastic and although it didn’t last long it did leave a decent stain so I felt I didn’t need to reapply too quickly. 
Anyway, the photo you’ve all been waiting for, here I am modelling said fantastically bright shade! Does it suit or am I completely deluded? It is such an iconic shade I would of been sad not to have it in my lipstick collection but I definitely feel it’s much more of a city or night shade, I’m not sure the people of my hometown are quite ready for it yet…

Do you own Candy Yum Yum? Do you want to own Candy Yum Yum? Leave your answers here!

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