Guest Post // 5 Great Things About Moving Out Of Your Parents House (And 4 Things I’ll Miss)

 Today’s guest post is by Karen of Tiny Bird Heart, one of my newest discoveries and fast becoming a favourite. You should check it out and I hope you enjoy today’s post!
5 Great Things About Moving Out Of Your Parents House (And 4 Things I’ll Miss)

Hi everyone, I’m Karen and I blog over at Tiny Bird Heart.

Amy is on the move! Like her, I moved back in with my parents and have been staying there for a while now, but I’m moving out shortly.

So as she settles into her new home, I thought I’d share the five things I’m looking forward to about living on my own again, and the five things I’ll miss.

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Yay, I’m Gaining…

…space to put all my stuff. I moved from  a one bedroom flat into one room in my family home, so as you can imagine, everything is crammed in. I can’t wait to have space to spread out!

…control of the TV remote. Everything I want to watch gets Sky+’d so I can watch it when no-one else is home. I’m third on the pecking order for picking programmes to watch, so I’ve had my fill of talent shows and soaps!

…eating what I want, when I want. My Mum rules the kitchen in our house, but I miss eating the foods that I like and cooking up a storm.  Sometimes you want a nice meal, sometimes you want a quick microwave meal, and sometimes you just want to eat crisps or cake instead of a meal!

…having a long lie, without then later being greeted with “oh, so you’re up then”. In my own place I can sit up half the night watching TV and then get up when I want, without judgement, thank you!

…having people over. When I had my flat before I regularly had friends round and I miss entertaining or having visitors to stay. You can’t gossip as much with a house full of people!

Boo, I’m Leaving Behind…

…getting my washing/ironing/cleaning done. I’m not a big fan of any type of household chore, especially ironing, and my Mum is a superstar for doing all those things for me!

…constant company.  Although I love peace and quiet, I’ll miss coming home and chatting about my day. I think the more you see people, the more you talk, so it’ll be strange not to have someone to blether too! No doubt Panda (my guinea pig) will get sick of being spoken at!

…cheap rent. The days of low monthly outgoings will be gone, replaced by mortgage payments, council tax, home insurance, electric and gas bills etc, and I’m not looking forward to that!

…free lifts. This is a two way street, as I’m always offering to drive my parents places. But if I’m catching the train somewhere or going out for a drink, it’s nice to have someone there to drop me off and pick me up!

Have you moved out recently?  What do you miss/love now you’ve moved? 
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