Guest Post // Is Yummy Mummy a myth?

This is a guest post by the absolutely wonderful Karen who owns the online boutique Scarlett Fashion. Enjoy! x 


Is being a “Yummy Mummy” a myth?

We often hear the term Yummy Mummy, but what does that actually mean?

The Wikipedia  definition is:
Yummy mummyis a slang term used in the United Kingdom to describe young, attractive and wealthy mothers.
As a mum of a 20 month old girl, my experience is that this is what most women aspire to be, but is it really possible?

Before my little girl was born I was the queen of heels and lipstick. I adore shoes, the higher the better. I would think nothing of allocating a third of my monthly salary on a pair of killer heels. There is something about heels that makes you feel feminine, but also powerful. I continued to wear my heels whilst pregnant, I managed until the end, but managed to give myself a trapped nerve and could hardly move at all in my final month of pregnancy. All in the name of vanity. I guess a lot would think that this was ridiculous, but to me, once I swapped those heels for pumps, I was officially giving in and becoming a mummy. After Scarlett was born I tried my hardest to dress the same as I did before and allocate the same amount of time to my morning routine; hair wash, blow dry, straightners and make-up, along with a ridiculous skin routine. At a few weeks old it was possible, but as she got bigger and more demanding it became almost impossible. I spent many of my days at playgroups with other mummy’s, who would often comment on how they didn’t know how I managed to stay so manicured. One day at playgroup, I remember thinking to myself that I looked ridiculous. I realised I was no longer working in and office and having lunches and drinks after work, I was up to my elbows in paint and snot. My wardrobe began to become more relaxed. I felt more relaxed with it. I finally exchanged the heels for ballet pumps. I didn’t realise how comfortable I would feel, I could now carry Scarlett around without worrying that I was going to trip or run around and play with Scarlett like the other mums and not sat worrying I may ruin something.

I have since returned to the office. I now have a balance of play dates and board meetings. My wardrobe has met me half way. I now team up a simple dress with pumps and a colourful bag, large enough to carry my make-up, iphone and nappies. 

Earrings, Hive & Honey // White Cardigan, Monsoon
Necklace, Fenton
Twistlock Holdall
£49, Scarlett Fashion // Orlando Denim Dress £45, Scarlett Fashion
Lace Pumps, Topshop

I may not be quite as manicured, but I will always be equipped with lip gloss. Am I a yummy mummy? I think so!


Karen has just started up her own blog, full of fashion, life and keeping the yummy while being a mummy. You can follow her over at Scarlett Fashion Blog.


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