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My final guest post is by the lovely Ashleigh of Ashleigh’s Tea Party, she’s covering the one topic that I love on my blog but has been a little unloved due to my lack of reading lately.. books! Hope you enjoy her post!


Top Summer Reads

Hi Everyone! I’m Ashleigh from Ashleighs TeaParty, a lifestyle and beauty blog, and am so excited to be guest posting for Amy today on one of my favourite blogs! This post is all about my top summer reads!

The New Release…

About A Girl – Lindsey Kelk

I am a massive Kelk fan, and after reading all of the ‘I Heart…’ series and her other stand alone novel, ‘The Single Girls To Do List’, I was so excited to hear about this new release! The best way to describe this is girlie chick lit with added humour and amazing settings! This story follows the adventure of Tess as she loses her job and takes drastic action to try and find herself. Cue a stolen identity, a spontaneous trip to Hawaii and a hot bad boy! This is the perfect holiday read and will make any flight pass in no time.


The Old Favourite…

Never Let Me Go – Kazuo Ishiguro 

This is an old favourite that I have recently sent to Turkey with my mum! You may already be familiar with the story as it was adapted in to the film of the same name, starring Kiera Knightley and Andrew Garfield. I loved the film, but as is often the case with me, the book was even better. The story is set in a world very similar to ours in every way except the fact that clones have been created for the sole purpose of making ‘donations’. This story is sweet, poignant and in places heart wrenching, not one for fans of a happy ending necessarily, but if you want something that opens your mind and makes you think then this is for you.

The Tear Jerker…

My Sister’s Keeper – Jodi Picoult 

This is another one that has also been adapted in to a film, but unlike most, the ending was changed. I can’t decide if this is a good or bad thing but anyway! My Sister’s Keeper follows the story of Anna, born so that she can help treat her sister Kate, who has a rare form of Cancer. It is told from the point of view of various different people, which helps you become fully immersed in the story, seeing things from all different angles, often creating an inner battle of who you agree with more. I was hooked from the first page but be warned, particularly if you have seen the film, the ending is a shocker and tissues are required. And chocolate to help you recover afterwards. 

The One That’s A Bit Different…


Where Rainbows End – Cecelia Ahern. 

Ahern is another of my favourite authors and this is the first book of hers I ever read. It is purely made up of emails, letters, texts, postcards and any other types of written communication you can think of, following the story of Rosie and Alex. It spans 5 decades, in which you see how methods of communication evolve. When I first picked it up I thought I would find it more difficult to follow than an ordinary book, but it really wasn’t difficult at all and is a fantastic story! I sped through every page till I got to the end, and immediately wanted to go back to the beginning and start all over again! 

The One That’s Way Better Than Fifty Shades…


Unsticky – Sarra Manning 

I was not a Fifty Shades fan. In my opinion there was some real potential with parts of the story lines, but they never followed through. I recently read Unsticky and felt like it achieved everything that the Fifty Shades Trilogy epically failed to! The story follows the relationship of Grace and Vaughn, which initially starts with an ‘agreement’ but soon becomes so much more. Instead of resorting to repetitive porn it deals with real feelings and emotions, with the only sexual content being necessary to the story. You genuinely warm to the characters and root for them and it in nice and long so you can really get your teeth in to it! 

So there you go, they are my recommended summer reads! Thank you to Amy for having me, and feel free to pop by my blog and say hello! 



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