#174 MoneySupermarket’s Budget Bucket List Competition

Here is another wonderful competition run by the EPIC people over at MoneySupermarket who seem to be hugely supportive of us bloggers. This one is about our bucket lists. They’re offering one person £1000 to help cross something off their bucket list, HOW GENEROUS? Yes I have one, yes it has about 500 things on it, but i’m hopefully going to live for at least another 50 years giving me plenty of time to complete it all. I’m sure you’ve seen a few of these floating around the blogosphere. Since I was tagged by my bestie Bee as well the lovely Chelsea, I thought “what the hell may as well enter!” I’ve read a few other entries and I have to admit, it was a bit of a struggle to come up something original that is on my bucket list both budget and extravagant, hence leaving it until basically the last day to get my entry up, by as the saying goes, better late than never!
Starting with the budget one… Get a tattoo.
In the past, the thing that put me off getting a tattoo was the needle factor. Since having my daughter this is no longer an issue, and although needles and pain aren’t my favourite things, I know now I do have a pretty high pain thresh hold (hello, only gas and air!) Tattoos aren’t necessarily always budget, but the one I have in mind is definitely realistic for me to be able to afford. So why haven’t I got it yet? Well firstly I have just moved house which isn’t cheap.. at all.. especially when you’re moving on your own with a small child. Getting a tattoo would fall into those luxuries I can’t put onto a Topshop card. Also because I don’t see something to remind me to get it every day means I don’t splurge on it either. There isn’t anywhere in my hometown to get decent work done so I can’t spur of a moment walk in and book one.. I’d have to plan a day away. But I’ll get there, soon I hope! 
Here is part of the design I want. I’d like this on one ankle, a mere couple of inches including the four silhouettes (I have tiny ankles) and on the other I’d like two stars, “Second star to the right, and straight on til morning” not written of course, just implied in the stars. Although Peter Pan isn’t my favourite Disney film, I love the book and I love what it represents. I also think it would make a lovely tattoo and if I was only ever going to have one design, this would be it. 
Now my extravagant one…Visit my cousin in Townsville, Australia.
There are loads of places I’d love to see in the world, some of which are more feasible than others but a trip to Australia, that come January I’ll have two seats on a plane to pay for is nigh on impossible, that’s why this is my extravagant pretty much impossibility.  
My cousin Lisa, her husband Alan and two children live out in Townsville, Australia, as of yet none of my family apart from my Aunt have made it across and she’s been out five years! Her husbands family seem to find the money to go yearly as well which I know she finds upsetting (despite loving them dearly, I’m sure!) Lisa is probably the cousin i’m closest to and when she left I was heartbroken. If I’m honest, I had always intended to follow her out eventually. I had pretty much saved the entirety to go visit her a couple of years ago and I probably would of looked for a job.. but then I fell pregnant with my now 18 month old daughter so the savings went on the house (that I then all lost due to my ex selling my furniture and keeping the money). Although moving out there is out of the question, being able to take my daughter to visit her is now top of my bucket list. Not only because Lisa is desperate to show off the home and life she’s built out there to someone in her family (and we are all so proud of her) but there are things I’d like to experience out there, and my little girl does love animals and they aren’t short of wildlife (scary and furry!)
In January, Little Miss turns two so not only will I have to pay for my own seat, but I’d also have to pay for hers.. and although the flight would be torturous for a two year old, it would be worth it to see Lisa’s face at the other end. It’s not just flights, which are very very expensive, but I’d need to pay for two visas and spending money.. having somewhere to stay doesn’t really make this sort of holiday any cheaper! I know Lisa and her family already have their own bucket list of things we’d do when I visited but at the moment while I’m a single mother, that dream really is pipeline. 
Left – Myself (urgh, hate this photo, but we were drunk) Lisa & her sister Laura a few Christmas’ back when she visited.
Right – 11 of 16 cousins at Lisa’s Leaving Party
Token baby photo, I’m the baby on the blonde girl with a straight fringe’s knee, and that is Lisa.
Although there is only one day left (competition closes on 2/08/2013) I tag the following lovely ladies in hope they have time to enter!
Alice of Tea and Lead
Good luck to everyone who has entered, you can see more entries on twitter if you use the tag #budgetbucketlist!

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