#177 House to Home, In My Lounge


It’s now three weeks since I first got the keys to my house and i’ve now completed two weeks of living here. Apart from my anxiety that I blogged about the other week, Little Miss & I are settling in wonderfully. We have a lovely routine, she’s sleeping loads better 90% of the time and she absolutely adores her own room! The whole moving into our own place exercise has been a down right success. I’m also hoping eventually i’ll fall back into my old “good with money” routine, and it’s definitely help me get my priorities straight.

As promised, I’m going to share what transformation my little house has taken to become a lovely home for Little Miss and I. Although the house wasn’t falling apart (if you want to see that kind of huge transformation I recommend heading over to Bee’s blog Journeys Are My Diary, because in the usual best friend style we moved at the same time haha) it did still need a lot more done to it than we’d hoped, in particular heavy duty painting and a garden over haul. 
I got the keys a week and a half before my parents were going abroad for two weeks and they didn’t want to leave me struggling to put the place together so my whole family came together for me, I’m honestly welling up thinking about how wonderful my family is. My aunt & father even put their long standing argument to rest (FINALLY) to make sure I had somewhere nice to put all my furniture in. The first week my mum, my Auntie Kerry, her husband Shaun and son Ross painted my lounge (three wall coats and the ceiling), Little Miss’ bedroom (two wall coats) and my bedroom (three wall coats) in the first four days. On the fifth day another of my aunts, Karen and my mum built up my tv unit and my Uncle Steve plummed in my washer and put in my gas cooker. That evening my dad came up and set up my TV, then he helped my mum put up curtains in the lounge, Little Miss’ room and my room. Then on the Saturday, which was the big moving day my Uncle Steve picked up my dad and I at 7:30am in his van to start moving. My Auntie Karen had Little Miss from 9-4 so my mum could help me unpack. My Godfather Peter & Uncle Shaun also helped in the moving. It was first time in years I’d seen uncles, dad and godfather all doing something that didn’t involve alcohol. The following week my mum started to transform my dump of a garden, she layed paving stones, gravel and planted. The day before going to Greece my dad and great uncle Jimmy put up a fence. 
My family are the best, I’m so thankful for them all and I wouldn’t of got nothing done without them. 
Anyway, before I get any worse in the soppy sentimental department, today I’m sharing with you all my lounge. It’s not completely finished, I need new curtains as mine fall a couple of inches too short (I ran out of money so had to borrow some old ones from my sister), I’d also like a rug for centre of the room and a mirror above the fire, not to mention my walls are still a bit bare so I will have to invest in a couple more photo frames. But I’m happy with how it stands now and it’s really starting to feel more like mine than a holiday home! 
Firstly, here it is before. 
This is the lounge how I was given it, in a way it wasn’t too bad, however i’m not sure if you can make it out but right around the edge of the ceiling it was tinted yellow as there must of been a smoker living here. I also despised the feature wall. I’m not a fan of pattern on walls, it’s my own personal preference as I much prefer the walls adorned with frames. Of course when I decided that I didn’t realise how expensive paint was having never had a home I could paint before… the feature wall took three coats alone due to it being glossy wall paper!
Here we have it after the painting. It brightened up the room so well (not that it needed to as it’s already a lovely big bright room). I went for a shade Timeless by Dulux as my parents assured me you get better results with a named paint (I’m sure they were probably lying but my mum is a bit of a house decorating snob haha). I have to admit, when I’m choosing a paint colour I go solely by the name. Timeless made me think of classic black and white movies, so it was an instant winner. 
Now onto the fun bit, this is how it looks now…
Chair (part of a three piece suite) £70, Salvation Army  // Cushion £8, BHS // Blanket, Gift
Bookcase £29.99, Argos // Books, Various Prices // Yankee Candles, See Below
Yankee Candles, Gifts (the White Linen & Lace one was a housewarming gift from my last house ha) //
Plaque, Gift
Frame £9.99, Local Shop // Teacup Vase £12.99, Debenhams // Sunflowers £4, Asda
DVD Bookcase £29.99, Argos
Flowers, Gift
(In case you hadn’t realised, I love fresh flowers haha)
Ceramic Owl £3.99, Homebase
Wooden Clock £6, Next
Sofa, As Before // Cream Cushions, As Before // Elegance Cushion £4.99, Homebase
End Table £14.99, Argos, Teacup Lamp £19.99, Dunelm Mill // Literary Coasters, Gift // London Case, Dunelm Mill (ancient)
Bookcase, As Before // Book Ends £5, Boots (Christmas Sale) // Books Box (Blue one with the crown on it) £3.99, TK Maxx // Disney Traditions, Gifts
TV Unit £29.99, Argos // Box (part of a 3 pack) £24.99, Argos // Child, My Own // Mess, Child’s Own
Despite all the pretty things I have lying around my house, my sofa with the two arm chairs is the biggest bargain of all, £70 delivered from the local Salvation Army. It’s in brilliant condition and so incredibly comfortable! I also love the colour even though it meant I had to completely re-think my lounge colour scheme (remember my wishlist?) For anyone interested, my bookcase is in alphabetical order by the authors surname, I fancied doing it rainbow coloured but I’d feel sick knowing that book series’ weren’t in the correct order. 
And finally, I treated you all two a sort of couple of photos of Little Miss, one from the back (where you can see her awesome style) and one in the frame. It’s the best I can do all you Little Miss fans out there! She is a beauty though (even if I’m completely biased!) I thought I’d share a photo of her mess by the TV to show that my house is very much lived in and although you can’t see it, my TV and fireplace are very much covered in little sticky finger prints, much to my dad’s horror!
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