#180 Reads for the Weekend // One

Hello Friday! Welcome to my new feature that will be replacing The Friday Five, it’s called Reads for the Weekend. I have a confession make, something i’m not overly proud about, I now pretty much always read blogs on my phone via Bloglovin’ which means I struggle to comment. I no longer have a time that I set aside for reading blogs, I usually just do it over the day whenever Little Miss is napping or busy doing her own thing as I save my housework and blog writing for the evening when she’s in bed because it means I don’t have the standard call of “Mama, Mama, play” and really who can resist that? 
This is how I came to my new feature, my one post a week dedicated to the wonderful blogs I’ve read over the last week and what to share with my now 300 plus (I know right?) readers. As you know if you’ve seen me in the hashtag chats on twitter, I’m all about sharing the love, so every Friday on Cocktails in Teacups, I will be sharing the love. 
So for my very first Reads for the Weekend, I’m going to share my favourite post from the past week on all the wonderful girl’s blogs that kindly guest posted for me while I was busy moving. I do read and love all their blogs so it hasn’t been easy to select one each from the past week but I’ve managed it. Of course I 100% recommend going back through their blogs and taking your time to have a good read, it’s really well worth doing!
Firstly Scarlett Fashion Blog written by that gorgeous Karen, who’s online boutique by the same name I shared with you all last night, she wrote that post about whether or not being a Yummy Mummy is a myth. As I mentioned last night, she’s currently sharing her weight loss journey over on her blog, however this past week I really enjoyed her post about Pure London which is a sneak peak for the retail industry at what next season will bring fashion wise. It was so interesting to read it from a retailers perspective as I’m so used to hearing about the coming season trends from a buyer. 
This week over on Dippy Writes I’ve thoroughly enjoyed her Rapunzel inspired make up. Albertine is currently working her way through her version of Disney Princess inspired looks which being a complete Disney nut, I adore! So far she’s also done Belle & Ariel. In case you’d forgotten, Albetine shared her Summer Must Haves on Cocktails in Teacups a few weeks back 
My next guest post was buy one of my absolute favourite bloggers Steph who is a fellow mother & lives on the awesome side of geekery, which of course made my favourite post this week from her blog a bit of a no brainer! This week Steph opened up about her life as a geek, I read her post with a big smile on my face especially at the mention of her love for Buffy (there is something wrong with you if you never loved Buffy). She also shared a fantastic youtube video that my sister and I have watched a few times over the last week. Steph is also doing a 52 Weeks/52 Polishes so I had asked her to share her current favourites on my blog a couple of weeks back.
Tasha over at Hello Freckles does the most gorgeously photographed outfit posts so when she offered to guest post for me I jumped at the chance, she shared a gorgeous dress by my favourite, Sugarhill Boutique. As I’m such a huge fan of her fashion posts, I loved her post this week about a paisley kimono she found in Primark, it really is a bargain find, if only I lived near a store. 
Next I had a really relevant guest post by Karen, she wrote about the good and bad that comes with moving out your parents place. I really identified with most. However this week over on her blog, Tiny Bird Heart, I really enjoyed her blog post about the things she’s been loving this week. Who knew Bacardi Breezer did a spritzer?! 
This week Rebecca has started a new feature over on her blog It’s Rebecca, an A-Z all about her. The first one was a very unusual read, all about Aromatherapy! Not usually my go to for A so I’m interested in seeing what is coming next! She’s also inspired me to start my own A-Z as I think it’ll fit with my blog becoming more lifestyle focused. Rebecca also often shares some wonderful recipes on her blog and when she guest posted for me a few weeks back she shared her version of Jamie Oliver’s Mexican Tomato Soup.
The absolutely awesome Hayley shared her Paris Wishlist on my blog as the two of us are heading off to Paris for a city break in October. Hayley runs one of the blogs I very first started to read Strangeness & Charm and I mark her up there as part of the reason I wanted to write my own, I’m pretty lucky to call her a proper friend these days. Anyway, she’s FINALLY started to do outfit posts again (being much more successful than I have) I really loved the dress in this post, she looks adorable as usual.
My second to last guest post was by Ashleigh who briefly left her Tea Party to write me a post about her summer read suggestions. I really loved her Body Shop haul post. The Body Shop is always a place I forget to look when I want a bargain so I was pleasantly surprised to see what she all treated herself to!
Finally, last Friday the fantastic Donna of Polkadot Pink shared a post with my readers that has had me thinking all week and has even inspired a post of my own. Her post is entitled Why Have I Never Got Anything to Wear? and it caused me to open my wardrobe and question the array of items I have worn once or never worn which brings me onto the post I want to draw your attention to, as of next week Donna will be starting a series about eBay, I for one cannot wait for it. It was a struggle to pick one post though, Donna has so many beautifully photographed posts that pop up most days! 
I promise I won’t usually share so much, but I just wanted to say thank you to all the lovely girls that offered to help me out while I was busy over the last month or so. I love all your blogs! 
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