#182 Reads for the Weekend // Two

I am so sorry there has only been one post between last weeks and this weeks Reads for the Weekend! I went to visit my best friend Bee from Monday to Thursday and although I did take my laptop I really didn’t want to be sitting around blogging the whole time. Then yesterday I was just far too tired despite traveling the whole way home in first class. Plus I had a ton of housework to catch up on, I’m still in that very house proud stage. 
Anyway, I’m here to share with you some of my favourite reads from the past week and maybe you’ll be able to find something good to enjoy over the weekend. That’s my aim anyway. I can promise you this weeks post won’t be half as long as last weeks, okay, maybe it will be slightly over half as long as my blog feed has been FULL of wonderful posts this week! It’s something I’ve notice that’s been happening right over the summer, perhaps everyone just has more time to blog? But it has meant i’ve had a great selection to read while traveling up ad down the country. 
I’ve tried to share a nice selection of everything posts so hopefully anyone who reads this will find something they will enjoy, please let me know if you do! 
On Sunday one of my all time favourite bloggers Becky Bedbug posted an amazing looking recipe for Strawberry Lemonade. Not only do her photos of it look amazing, but the recipe looks so incredibly simple too! I had intended to buy strawberries from Asda to make it tonight but they didn’t have any, how frustrating?
My favourite outfit post this week has come from one of my favourite fellow Amys, Amy over at The Girl in the Bowler Hat, gorgeous girl with awesome style! She wears everything I wish I could wear, this week being no exception as she showed off her beehive and a pair of shoes that instantly sprang onto my lust list. 
This week the lovely Louise of Confetti Letters (COME BACK TO THE NORTH EAST I MISS YOU!) introduced a new feature for her blog that is revolving around one of my favourite things in the whole world… BOOKS! I loved her photo of her bookcase (which is actually more full than mine!) and I’m looking forward to her August reads that will be up at the end of the month.
On Thursday it was SEVEN years since I received my A Level results and discovered I had gotten into my first choice uni. Around the country lads and lasses were experiencing the same set of emotions I went though and bloggers a like were putting forward their thoughts about university and results. My favourite of all these posts was by Jemma of Bamboozle Beauty. She posted her guide to the infamous freshers week, it especially appealed to me as she’s attending the same uni I went to (you can even see my old bedroom in her second photo haha).  
Finally, today Allie shared a review of the products that are currently top of my beauty wishlist over on her blog Rush & Teal today. It’s all about Bumble & Bumble’s newest haircare range for surf hair. I am so desperate to try it all, especially the salt spray, after reading her review the only thing putting me off is the price tag! 
I really hope everyone found something new and interesting to read! And as it says above, enjoy the weekend!
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