#184 Where Amy Ate – Candy Bar, Edinburgh

It’s been a while since the last Where Amy Ate post, clearly I haven’t been eating out enough! Anyway, on Tuesday I headed up to Edinburgh with Alice to see some shows on The Fringe, we saw a slapstick show by some guys that Alice knows that perform as the Three Half Pints, it was bloody hilarious. We then went to see Britain’s Fuck All Talent which again was so damn funny. I recommend both of them if you need a good laugh while you’re up enjoying The Fringe festivities. 
ANYWAY, we headed up early to fit in a spot of shopping and lunch before going to see some shows. I suggested Candy Bar as I’d been a few times before and knew it was reasonably priced and wouldn’t be busy. There is nothing worse than waiting ages for food when you’ve worked up a hunger from shopping, ha. I ended up getting us slightly lost but good ol’ Google Maps eventually lead us down the steps into the basement restaurant.
Personally, I love the decor.. black, green and white. Very modern and reminds me of Ikea. I had considered photographing the place but I haven’t been brave enough to do that yet in a public place. As it wasn’t too busy we were able to get a booth to ourselves. 
The staff were very attentive, straight over for drinks orders then giving us some time to peruse the menu before deciding on what we would be eating. Although the food is fantastically cheap (pretty much everything including burgers and fajitas are £5 or under!) the main cocktail menu was pretty expensive, well no more expensive than you’d expect to pay in any city. In the past I have indulged and I really recommend the Spiced Pear Sour. Luckily there were a few cocktails on offer for £4 so we went for a different one each. As for the food menu, I knew exactly what I was having as it’s what I always have in sorts.. they offer small bites one for £2.50, 3 for £6 and 6 for £12. I choose three mozzarella sticks, fries and the salt and pepper chicken flatbread. Alice went for fajitas and potato wedges. 

The food arrived and although it tasted delicious my mozzerella sticks weren’t as hot as I’d like them. I considered sending them back but I knew we were seeing a show at 14:05 so it wasn’t worth it. The flatbread was my fav, such a nice alternative to pizza but still with the cheesy doughy goodness. The fries I always recommend as they are so light and tasty. Despite picking only three “tapas” like plates you got a good amount and I’d recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want to make only one choice from the menu or can’t decide whether or not to have starter. Even Alice’s fajitas, despite only being £5 there was a generous portion presented to her. The cocktail was fantastic for £4, so fruity and was just perfect for a lunchtime drink (hey, I was baby free!) although I doubt i’d of been walking straight after another one! 
Over all, the bill came to just over £21 for both us, which is fantastic value when you factor in the fact we both had a cocktail each! £10.50 for lunch and an alcoholic beverage? You really can’t go wrong with that! 
Candy Bar is situated on George Street in Edinburgh and is open from 12pm to 1am daily.
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