#185 Reads for the Weekend // Three

So once again, hardly any posts. I have had another busy week jam packed with swimming, Alice coming to stay and heading off to Edinburgh then my cousin is here with her family! We haven’t seen them in almost 3 years as she lives in Australia. On Wednesday my Aunt had a welcome home party which was brilliant and Little Miss adored being around all her cousins (well second cousins). This evening is girls night at my Aunts house (much to my fathers annoyance) the lads are all babysitting and since I don’t have a boyfriend and another of my cousins doesn’t have a baby (yet..) her fiance is sitting in with Little Miss, even though she won’t be much company as she’ll be in bed asleep before he arrives haha. Anyway, i’m looking forward to a month of parties and gatherings, it is doing a great job of taking my mind off the hell I’m dealing with at the start of September… 
Well, that’s this weeks excuse out of the way! I’ve still been reading as many posts as possible on my phone when i’ve been free (usually in bed when I can’t sleep or first thing in the morning!) so I have still managed to get a nice little collection to share with you this week! 
Firstly, I want to be shameless and promote my blog sale. I have a funny feeling I won’t fit a lot of last years autumn/winter stuff when it comes down out of the loft. I’ve become terrible for holding onto stuff that doesn’t fit or suit, so I’m being ruthless! Now that’s out of the way, onto my reads for the weekend.
As you know I had Alice come and stay with me for two nights, she runs an awesome fashion and beauty blog called Tea and Lead. However this week she posted about her tattoos and tips for getting a tattoo, which since I’m saving up to get my first was hugely helpful. Normally I’m not a fan of coloured tattoos but knowing Alice in person I can say they suit her perfectly. She updates regularly and is only FOUR GFC followers away from 300!

Every week during Edinburgh’s festival season Juliet over at her blog Ever So Juliet has been giving us the run down of the good, the bad and the ugly points about the past week. Not just of the Fringe but she’s also full of info about the book festival too. If you’re heading up at any point in the last week, she’s the girl to go to, you can catch her on twitter @eversojuliet if you need any recommendations (she’s a lovely lady, and everything else on her blog is awesome too.)

Must be a good week for Alice’s as I really loved reading Alice from The Cup & Saucer‘s post about body confidence! It was a pleasure to read as i’ve been thinking about the same thing recently, that our friends describe our bodies and even personalities differently to how we ever would. Yes, it’s the same Alice from The Umbrella Collective, her blog is very lifestyle but she also shares some great recipes, this tiffin one is a personal fav.

On Monday my favourite Aussie, Erica, posted a wonderful thought provoking voice for U in her A-Z of Me, called U is Not for University. I thought it was wonderful to see how far she’s come (half way across the world need I add!) and she didn’t succumb to the pressure of going to university. I think it’s a brilliant read for anyone out there who is considering university because of pressure, you can still be something (probably more so these days) without a degree! I love Erica’s blog, especially her style!

As I mentioned in my very first Reads for the Weekend, Donna of Polkadot Pink was going to be doing a How to eBay series and the first one went live this week! I’m once again promoting it being an avid eBay-er myself but even I picked up some awesome new tips which will hopefully add to my Paris spending money!

Finally, my best friend Bee celebrated her 10 month anniversary with her boyfriend this week. I know to a lot of people 10 months mustn’t seem like much especially when they’re only 24 and celebrating their 101th anniversary (I exaggerate obviously) but she really is my inspiration when it comes to meeting someone else, and even the epitome of life goes on.. anyway I doubt she’d want me to go into any more details ha. ANYWAY, this week she posted about her “Date Night” to a local Indian and god did I want butter chicken after reading it! She’s still relatively new to blogging but I know she has some bits and pieces planned for the future!

So that’s my reads for the weekend! I now have to head off and ice two dozen popcorn cupcakes for ladies night tonight, because after all you can’t have a ladies night without popcorn! Enjoy your weekend x

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