#187 Brand of the Month – Marc Jacobs Perfume

Welcome to another of my new features for Cocktails in Teacups! Brand of the Month will feature one of my most purchased brands, that I can honestly say I love and adore most of their products. It won’t be my most bought in the month, just a brand I rely on and would recommend. The first Brand of the Month is Marc Jacobs perfume because lets face it, as a single mother I can’t afford much else from the designer label!

I first discovered Marc Jacobs perfume completely by accident when my friend had a bottle of Daisy and I’d forgotten my perfume when I was staying over. This must of been about 5/6 years ago now and I’ve been hooked ever since. I love how the perfume smells on me, not just Daisy but all Marc Jacobs perfumes. I also have no irritation from wearing any of them, which is a big deal in perfume for me (I cannot wear anything by Vera Wang or Lolita Lempika as they bring me out in a rash). Yes they’re not the cheapest on the market, but who cares? They’re an indulgent treat that I usually only get for Christmases, or birthdays, or from duty free. Unless they’re in the sale of course! 
Yeah, some people find it strange that I only have one brand of perfume but it does make shopping for me easy. I do like other perfumes, I used to love YSL Parisienne but it was the only decent gift my ex bought me so it now reminds me of him. I also quite like Very Irresistible Givenchy, Hugo Boss Femme & L’Imperatrice by D&G but any of the Marc Jacobs scents would beat the rest.
I now have a beautiful collection of perfumes, something I’m actually proud of! I definitely love my perfumes more than my lipstick collection. I have a scent for any occasion! So I thought i’d share them all with you.

These are all my big bottles, I have various sizes from 20ml to 75ml. In 20ml I have Daisy which was a Christmas present from my parents two years ago. I have had a 50ml bottle that I bought in duty free years ago. In 30ml, I have Dot which was a Christmas present last year from my parents and Lola which I bought with Boots points. This is my second bottle of Lola. Then in 50ml I have Daisy Sunshine which was a birthday present this year & my most recent addition Oh Lola Sunsheer. Finally I have my favourite Marc Jacobs perfume, Daisy Eau So Fresh which is my only 75ml. My parents brought me this back last year from their holiday. I switch between this & Dot on a daily basis.

Anyway, Sara of Pretty in Pink alerted me to the fact that Boots were selling Oh Lola Sunsheer for £23.50! Which half price since it’s a 50ml bottle. I’d saved over £30 in points on my Boots Advantage card so I decided to treat myself. I was given Daisy Sunshine, one of the other fragrances that were brought out as part of the Spring/Summer collection and I adore it, I’ve worn it a lot on sunny days and it really does smell of sunshine. Oh Lola Sunsheer has proven to be a bit more floral than Sunshine but I still love it.

My other latest additions to my Marc Jacob’s dressing table family are my mini collection that my parents bought in duty free this year when they went on holiday. I had asked for a bottle of Dot as mine is running low and then I text them to ask for Honey instead, I ended up getting neither but I did get this super cute collection of four 4ml bottles which included the original Oh Lola which I don’t have and actually smells gorgeous! They are so so adorable and I cannot bare to throw away their boxes. Although these are far too small to have on top of my make up drawers, they are handy to pop into my make up bag, hand bag or wash bag when I’m off visiting people! I’m already trying to decide which one i’m taking to Paris with me in October!

I wouldn’t say any of these were my “signature” scent, I love them all for different occasions. Lola for example is my evening perfume (hence why it’s barely used!) as I mentioned before I alternate between Dot and Daisy Eau So Fresh daily, often throwing in Daisy to mix it up a bit. I used Daisy Sunshine on all sunny days and now I’ll no doubt alternate it with Oh Lola Sunsheer. I am absolutely desperate to get my hands on Honey but I think that might have to be a Christmas present..

Do you have a favourite brand of perfume you always go to, or do you mix it up? What’s your signature scent, if you have one?
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