#189 A Wednesday Wishlist – New Look Evening Dresses *

I can’t believe that on Sunday it will be September already! This year has truly flown! I always associate September with Autumn and being a slippery slope into the Christmas season. Autumn is my favourite season of the year, especially if it kicks off with an Indian summer. Sun without the mugginess of being mid summer.. warm days and cool nights, that’s what i’m all about. I’m looking forward to spending Autumn and the run up to Christmas with Little Miss in our own home.
Anyway, unlike the rest of the year, I actually have a few evenings out in the coming months. I have my closest friend up here’s baby “head wetting” in October, a couple of gigs, a 21st birthday and lets not forget that I’m heading off to Paris for a few days with Hayley so now doubt we’ll be finding somewhere for a few cheeky cocktails! One of the specific areas of clothes I’ve sold off is evening wear due to never needing it and it now being too big but that of course leaves me with the dilemma when I do need to find something to wear! 
Because my local town has a very small New Look with only a selection of women wear I usually avoid shopping there so when I do look online I’m always pleasantly surprised at how nice some of the clothes they sell elsewhere are! Tonight I’ve chosen a few New Look’s range of ball dresses that I could potentially wear to these events. 
Number 1 is purely indulgent, the gorgeous Ruby Prom Dress comes in at a whopping £224.99 but there is not denying it’s beauty! If I had a disposable income and could some how acquire this dress, I think i’d have to wear it to more than one event! Now, onto some more reasonably priced dresses.. I love the colour of 2, which has unfortunately sold out, I do hope it comes back into stock soon. Number 3 and 4, I particularly like because they could be dressed up or down which is something I look for when I’m choosing dresses because I don’t go out that often. The green, white and blue dress is a bargain at £14 in the sale and I’d definitely feel comfortable wearing it to a gig and be able to go out for cocktails afterwards. The Madame Rage Pink Floral dress is a little more expensive at £30 but again, it could be worn to the gig followed by dinner or cocktails, both would look as cute with a pair of converse and little cardigan as they would with black tights and heels. Finally, number 5 is another beautiful Princess style prom dress, this cream embellished cut out dress would be perfect for my night out and my cousin’s 21st, and it also comes in black and it doesn’t break the bank at £34.99!
What do you think of the evening wear in New Look? Have you ever bought a dress for a night out from there? They also have some gorgeous heels that I’m always a sucker for buying!

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