#191 Reads for the Weekend // Four

Having this feature really highlights how fast the weeks go by! It only feels like yesterday that I was writing up last weeks and here we are back to Friday evening. I have had a wonderful week this week and I’m really sad to see the back of it. I spent a lot of time with my family, it’s great that Little Miss has been able to spend so much time with my cousins little boy while they’re over visiting. I also won an amazing competition, I’m still in shock! Remember my Holiday Postcards blog post a few weeks ago? Well I won! My entry was chosen to become a postcard and I also receive a prize of £1000 to put towards a holiday. I already have loads of travel ideas that I hope to share with you on Cocktails in Teacups soon. Stay tuned! 
Next week is a mixed bag for me, the week starts with me facing the biggest challenge of my life but hopefully will end on a high with my best friend Bee & her girls coming to visit and my cousins 21st party. Oh and the local beer and food festival, cannot forget that as it’s the highlight of my dads year!
ANYWAY, onto the blog posts that have been my favourite this week! As usual i’ve really struggled narrowing them down enough that I don’t bore anyone who chooses to read this post! But here they are, my Reads for the Weekend!
I really enjoyed Laura of A Daisy Chain Dreams final post about her holiday to Spain. It was so nice to see her having so much fun after the tough year she’s had, I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more! I especially loved the photos from the pirate parasailing! What a fantastic experience! You can read the other parts of her holiday here & here.
My all time favourite foodie blog is A Life of Geekery by the lovely Vicki, yesterday she posted a recipe for TWO INGREDIENT ICE CREAM I mean come on! How fantastic is that? I’m not a fan of ice cream but my daughter is and she loves oreos so I really want to give this a try. Vicki is the queen of all things culinary so if you enjoy my recipes you’ll REALLY enjoy hers, she makes mine look like crap!
Katy over at Beauty and the Baker celebrated her 6 month blogversary this week, congratulation Katy! She also shared her first ever MAC lipstick which was Impassioned. The colour looks fantastic, especially on her and it’s definitely one to add to my wishlist list. She currently has a giveaway on to thank her readers as she has recently passed her 600 follower mark!
My favourite outfit post this week comes from my fav Scot gal Kirsty of Indigo Buttons! She has the cutest style and the most amazing accent and hair. Not only is she wearing a dress with animals on, but she is sporting her new hair cut WHICH SHE DID HERSELF! Kirsty really does have the cutest style, she seems to look good in everything I want to look good in! 
I currently have serious bag lust! Sarah posted a beautiful bag from Zara this week on her blog Pretty in Pink. I think it’ll be perfect for Paris as it can fit all the important bits in such as my purse, phone, camera and travel guide without being as bulky as my Marc B bag! It’s only £30 too. In September Sarah will only be blogging about everything teal to raise money for PCOS, you can read all about it here.
There we have it! Hope you find something new to read over the weekend! It’s Celebrity Masterchef time and I have banoffee pie to scoff! Don’t forget to check out my blog sale, prices have been reduced as I now just want rid. 
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