#193 Writing for Fêted

Evening guys, I had half written a post about my new kitchen to post tonight however due to life stuff conflicting I haven’t finished it. However, if all goes well, I will have it up for you instead tomorrow. I didn’t want to leave you all high and dry so I have put together a little post and I will be linking you to something FANTASTIC for you all to have a read of!

Back in June I was contacted by the lovely Sarah who along with Claire run an online publication called Fêted. I was both honored and excited! I have always wanted to get into writing something more than my blog but I just don’t have either a journalism degree or the focus to write a novel. So basically being asked to contribute to an online magazine was a bit of a dream come true! 
The issue that went live today is all about Food! And hey, we all know how much I like my food! I was asked to contribute some of my healthily adapted  recipes, three courses if possible and despite being wrapped up in so many life issues, I managed to come up with and create three, some fishcakes, a chicken tray bake and a banoffee pie which are now in the current issue along with the recipes. Which you can find if you follow the logo below.
There will be an extended edition that will be available via etsy hopefully later on today. You can also follow and give feedback via the magazine’s twitter @fetedmagazine. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing for it!
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