#194 Moo Blog Business Cards

Today is the start of a new life for Little Miss & I and I just want to take a second to thank everyone for their support over the last nine months. I can finally start putting the pieces of my life back together after a very horrible & traumatic 20 odd months. I am so thankful for the support I’ve had from you internet people, a lot of which I would happily call my friends. Here is to a brighter future for my daughter and I, 2013 has been the most horrific year of my life and it’s still not over as my grandfather isn’t in best health at the minute. Roll on 2014, I’m due a good year! 
ANYWAY, I did promise you a room tour but it’s started to get dark already and since i’ve been out all day I haven’t had any time to take photographs! I will will WILL get that post completed by tomorrow as i’m desperate to share my second room! I don’t think I’m going to be on the laptop for long tonight anyway due to having developed horrific back ache from taking a nap on my parents bed today. 
Tonight I thought I’d share with you the blog business cards I had made last month. After comparing a few business card sites I decided to go with Moo as I found a discount code for 50 free and you only had to pay the £3 delivery which for my first business cards for the blog I felt was a complete bargain. You could even choose your own design for the back and front.
Despite being able to have whatever design I wanted on either side, I decided to go for something very plain and simple that could be taken some what professional. Although I sincerely doubt my blog is ever going to be a profession, a girl can dream huh? At least it would mean I could be the stay at home mother and be making a living.. again.. it’s a pipe dream. The design was created using the one and only PicMonkey. MOVING ON, I put on what I felt would be adequate ways to contact me via twitter, email and of course my blog link. I wasn’t brave enough to add a phone number. I did worry that the writing would be too small but I have to admit I am very satisfied with it.
I ordered on the Thursday and they arrived on the Saturday morning. That is simply the standard delivery option so I was incredibly impressed by the service. They’re printed on matte card and are standard business card size, perfect for fitting in your purse. I’ve already got myself into the habit of carrying a few around with me. 
I think when I do finally run out of cards to give out I won’t hesitate to order from Moo again and I’d recommend them to anyone who is looking to get themselves some cards for their online store or their blog. You could even wait until you find a discount code although I do think they’re worth the money. 
Do you have any business cards yet? Where did you get yours from?
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