#195 House to Home, In The Kitchen

Welcome to part two of my house tour! It’s taken me a while between the first one of my lounge to this one due to being so busy and have my cousin’s & Alice to visit. Finally I got around to it first thing this morning while Little Miss is at nursery and I have my mothers house to myself. So I’ve made myself a cup of tea, gave the cat some treats to stop her meowing at my feet and set myself up at the kitchen table. Who knows, I may even get a few post scheduled as well while i’m here. 
So my new kitchen, this is actually my second to favourite room in the house topped only by Little Miss’ bedroom (which I cannot wait to share). I was worried i’d end up with a little pokey kitchen with no room to swing a cat or worse, have a table and chairs. However, I hit the jackpot as far as social housing goes with this gem. The kitchen is big, bright and on the most part, perfectly decorated. We didn’t touch it as far as painting went but probably in the Spring I’ll give it a lick of paint. The kitchen also opens up to my lovely decently sized and more importantly, completely enclosed back garden. Perfect for garden parties.
Due to the fact we didn’t touch this room as far as decorating is concerned, I have very few before photos as the only before was the fact it used to be empty, ha. But I have plenty of after photos to share especially of all my knick knacks i’ve collected over the past year. 

The first photo was taken when I got the keys and we all went for a look, the second one was taken on moving day when my dad & uncles were gradually shifting boxes up and I was expected to unpack as I they went.. however it was 7:30am and they brought everything for my bedroom up first, the room that had absolutely no furniture in! Typical. I can’t believe that was nearly six weeks ago now. I think I’m finally finished now…
And here we have my finished kitchen & dining area. The kitchen is just beautiful with it’s cream walls, wooden tops and white cupboards. As you could probably tell from my lounge, I’m very matchy matchy to the point of being slightly OCD. I decided to go for teal/turquoise accents after a good lot of umming and ahhhing which I think looks lovely with the wood and white. Even Little Miss’ highchair is turquoise which was bought by lovely friend Kariss as a housewarming gift. It’s honestly the best highchair despite only being £20… why? Because it is so easy to keep clean! It also looks really good in my kitchen. My mum has a £50+ high chair and she hates it, i’d recommend this one to anyone and it comes in loads of different colours. ANYWAY before I end up doing a highchair review.. I also managed to score myself a black oven in the Curry’s summer sale which looks so much more swish than the white version. 
In my little dining area at the opposite end, I have an under the stairs cupboard that I did want to have as a useable walk in cupboard but it now houses Little Miss’ not so small buggy, her outdoor toys and the hoover. I also have my cookery book corner unit that has my iPhone dock for cooking tunes (anyone else get pleasure out of cooking and blasting show tunes?) and the bottom two shelves are for Little Miss, her tray and colouring books. I currently only have a table with two chairs but I do hope to graduate to something larger once Little Miss is big enough to sit at the table. The table belonged to my sister but I bought the two chairs from eBay to tie in with my kitchen. I also bought the clock that I had on my house wishlist that you might of read back in May. 
Window Sill Herbs £1 each, Homebase
Teapot, ancient // Tea, Coffee, Sugar Canisters £9.99, Argos // Mug Tree, ancient // Kettle £49.99 (with Toaster), eBay
15 Spice Rack £12.99, Amazon // Pestle & Mortar £9, Tesco // Mickey Mouse Salt & Pepper Grinders £?, Disney Store (they were a gift from my sister)
Toaster £49.99 (with Kettle), eBay // Bread Bin £15, Argos // Butchers Block, ancient
Laura Ashley Scales £?, Homebase (they were a gift from my Aunt)
Masterpiece for Mummy Magnet Clip £2.49, eBay
Faux Leather Placemats, ancient // Alice Teapot £?, Urban Outfitters (gift from my parents)
Orchid £? (Housewarming gift from my friend Donna) // Happily Ever After Sign £4.99, eBay
All over Minnie Mouse Bib £2.99, Home Bargains // Owl Oven Mit £12.15, Amazon (I have the matching towel too!)
That’s all my favourite bits and pieces in my kitchen, I feel like it really reflects me which was so important as I spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking. The fact that it is so coordinated and light definitely makes me clean obsessively though! And the best part of all… all the on ground cupboards came with child locks already fitted! That definitely saved a load. 
What is your favourite room in your house?
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