#198 Reads for the Weekend // Five

I cannot believe I’m onto my fifth week of doing Reads for the Weekend, it does not seem that long since I started! It’s an absolutely foul day up here and by the looks of things i’m not in for a great weekend either.. kicked off by the fact Little Miss won’t eat and won’t nap, could this be the terrible twos starting four months early? Yes my little girl will be two in just over four months, how blooming scary? We have Christmas to get out of the way before that though. We’re using the Argos book to encourage potty training, she sits on the potty while In The Night Garden is on and looks at the toys in the Argos book, we already have a few ideas of what to ask her many aunts for! My favourite store in the world already has their Christmas collection preview up. I have a list as long as my arm of things I want to hang on my tree. But first we have Autumn which today feels like is already here, it seems collectively to be the blogging worlds favourite season, I have really enjoyed the Autumn related posts that have been appearing on my dash this week!
First up my awesome friend Jenna wrote a review about the book that is written by JK Rowling under the synonym Robert Galbraith, The Cuckoo’s Calling on her blog Book Odyssey. Of all reviews for books I read on the internet I trust hers the most. She convinced me to read The Book Thief & The Hunger Games trilogy which had become some of my favourite books ever. If you fancy a new read I’d check her blog out for what she rates highly. 
Another of my favourite foodie blogs Lullaby For Pies by the lovely Magdalena (who has not only just moved to the UK but she was also a writer for Fêted this issue!) featured a guest post yesterday by Michelle from Satchels & Pearls and after i’ve finished this post I’m off to give it a try. It’s for a wonderful Banana Cake. It couldn’t of come at a better time as Little Miss has just decided she doesn’t like bananas leaving me with two and I had no idea what to do with them.. then this recipe appeared on my dash! I’ll let you know how it goes!
Alice from Alice’s Wonder Emporium shared an anecdote about looking young and buying shoes. This really hit home with me as I often get told I look a hell of a lot younger than I look. Only in May while at a friends I answered the door to be asked if my mummy or daddy were home.. then back at Christmas when I was working in a restaurant I was accused of being a teen mum. Anyway, Alice has resolved to have her hair restyled in an attempt to look older, I can’t wait to see the results!
I almost died from cuteness overload this week when Rhiannon posted about her new kitten Loki on her blog The Sparkly Panda. I am desperate for a kitten/cat but I’ve vowed to have past three stages in my life, gone back to work, have gone away using my Travel Supermarket winning and for Little Miss be past the stage where all she wants to do is pull their tails! However Loki is just gorgeous, he’s made me very kitten-broody! 
One of my favourite September Challenges I’ve found is the one that Ashleigh of 25 to 30 is attempting. She’s spending September as a vegetarian! I think it’s an absolutely amazing thing to attempt having spent most of my teen years as a veggie only turning back to meat when I made myself really ill. I think i’d struggle even more since having Little Miss, and Ashleigh has a wee one of her own! I’m looking forward to reading more of her veggie recipes. 
Major shoe envy this week on Gingerbread Button when Libby posted about The Cutest Shoes I Ever Did See. And in my opinion they really are! They’re also by Rocket Dog which have to be one of my favourite shoe brands ever. They are perfect for Libby as I think she is so super cute anyway and I’d really like to think I could pull them off too! 
This week I shared Jess’ 3 Looks One Pallet video with my sister as she uses her Sephora Ariel Storylook pallet. My sister is a huge huge The Little Mermaid fan so she was green with envy by the time we finished watching. Why don’t we have a Sephora over here yet?! Jess blogs at The Mod Mermaid and she also posted a Snow White look I’m desperate to try. It’s gorgeous.
Enjoy your weekend x
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