#202 Reads for the Weekend // Six (& my summer swap package!)

We’re back to Friday! I’m not surprised it’s gone so fast this week as I’ve been so busy. Last weekend it was a family get together and the Food & Beer festival. I drank Strawberry Cider, ate paella and my dad treated me to a load of local produce, it’s great he shares my love for food. Saturday night I drank 10 gin & lemonades and got up without a hangover on Sunday. I know the trick now, don’t mix! This week I spent Tuesday in Edinburgh with Alice & Hayley, then they both came down to stay. Alice for one night & Hayley for two. I met both of them through blogging but it feels like i’ve known them forever. Looking forward to seeing them again next month. Now I have a really rubbish head cold so Little Miss and I have resigned ourselves to a day of Disney DVDs along with blogging for me and colouring in for her. I’m also going to make some of my favourite corn chowder for lunch.
This week I’ve once again been reading a lot of blogs on my phone, mainly in bed before I go to sleep or get up. I’ve been finding GFC really unreliable and a lot of my favourite blogs have had really delayed posts so I’ve finally made the switch permanently to Bloglovin.
Anyway, here are some of my favourite posts from last week. 
On Friday after I’d posted last weeks Reads for the Weekend, I discovered this post by Ashleigh on 25 to 30 about her shop The Canterbury Toy Shop. I thought i’d share this with you all because a) I think it’s awesome she started this up herself and b) I know I have a lot of parent readers on my blog who will be starting to think of Christmas soon. Her shop stocks fantastic wooden toys which in my opinion are the best! I have my eye on a few bits for Little Miss. Head over for a read as she’s also offering a discount! 
Lauren over at Belle Du Brighton blogged about her thoughts on Motherhood and the Future. The post really struck home with me being a mother myself. She seem to share some of the worries I also often have myself. Being a mother completely changes your perception of everything and the world and planning for a future has to be in their best interest not your own. Her blog is filled with photos of her daughter Athena, who is completely gorgeous!
Chelsea started a new future this week on her blog, her A-Z, on Love in Modern Life (don’t you just love her blog name?!) Her A is for Aegean and is complete with some beautiful photos that really make you want to go on holiday, or just make you miss the sun! This week it’s been pretty miserable on the whole so seeing photos of beautiful blue sees really made me smile and sigh. Look out for her letter B coming soon!
One of my absolute favourite reads this week was by Amy of The Girl in the Bowler Hat all about how to create the perfect A/W capsule wardrobe. As i’ve mentioned before on my Reads for the Weekend, I adore Amy’s style so not only was this a fantastic read it gave me a few bits and pieces to add to my A/W wishlist, especially this gorgeous heart print blouse from Matalan which is only £12. I’m really into blouses for this season, so far I’ve managed 3!

I just want to give a special mention to the really wonderful Kate of Just Pirouette and Carry On.. without going into too much detail, she wrote a beautiful and heart breaking post this week about the suicide of her close friend.. She had me in tears and I was so proud of her openness on what I know to be a horribly hard subject to talk about. Such a moving post that definitely deserves to be shared if only in honor of her friend she lost.

Also this week I received my Summer Swap Package from the lovely Rebecca! The Summer Swap was organised by Rhiannon of The Sparkly Panda with some help from Ella of Hello Ella. I love these girls so naturally I was going to take part! I really hope my partner received and liked her package as much as I loved mine. We only had a budget of £5 which was actually really difficult to stick to but Rebecca excelled herself by getting me some cute and useful bits. 
I received two gorgeous notebooks, one of which has become my Paris notebook (and will then be my Disneyland Paris notebook) the other is my big adventure notebook. The candle smells divine, can’t wait to burn it. I’m a massive Yankee Candle fan! A cute note accomanied by some good ol’ sweets! There were tons more jelly sweets but my sister, her boyfriend and I ate the majority of them yesterday at my parents ha. They were delicious and all summer related shapes. Thank you Rebecca!
I recommend you check out Rebecca, Rhiannon and Ella’s blogs as they’re some of my favourites.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, it’s a quiet one for me which is probably for the best as I’m full of cold. My uncle is arriving from America next week for the first time in 7 years due to my grandfather being so ill. I do have a play date with a girl from High School and her twins next Thursday and not for getting my nephew’s second birthday on Tuesday! 
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