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As everyone knows by now, I’m off to Paris next month for my first holiday proper break in three years. I am beyond excited especially after the planning session Hayley & I had on Wednesday night where we decided the sites we wanted to see, the museums we wanted to visit and the bars we wanted to drink in.. Unfortunately it turns out that most places charge a steep 10e + for a cocktail in Paris and I had definitely NOT budgeted for this! Not only that but I need to renew my EU medical card. So some how I need to find some extra cash, which of course is difficult when you’re a stay at home single mother! 
You’ve all heard of MusicMagpie, right? The company where you send your old unwanted cds and dvds to and they send you a cheque in return. I have used it in the past when I got rid of all my old cds after getting my first iPod. I can honestly tell you it’s so simple to use. Just type in the barcode, or these days scan using your smart phone and it will give you a price then you can either print a postal label off or they’ll send you one, package the stuff up and send off. Great for all your house bound mothers up there with your OH’s stuff lying around (I’m talking about my own mother here and my dad’s incisiveness need to collect old CDs). It’s such a simple way to clear out without the hassle of selling online or carting it all to the charity shop where you wouldn’t make a penny. 
ANYWAY, I recently discovered that MusicMagpie are no accepting other things such as tech and more importantly for me, clothes! I have a lot of unwanted clothes lying around that are too big and too small and since reading Donna’s post on her blog Polkadot Pink about having nothing to wear I’ve decided to get rid instead of hording.. and I’d much rather get rid and make some money that I can put towards Paris!
You simply follow the link to the clothing section, fill in all the details about the items that you want to get rid of and MusicMagpie generates a price for you. You can then either send the items off or drop them off at one of the stores. Once they have been received and checked, you will be issued with the money.. just think how wonderful it would be to NOT have to pay any postage fees?! 
I think I’m going to give it a try this weekend, that pile of clothes that don’t fit or don’t suit is really cluttering up my bedroom floor!
Have you tried MusicMagpie before?
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